The perks of being a Recruitment Consultant

The perks of being a Recruitment Consultant
The perks of being a Recruitment Consultant

posted 16 Nov 23

The perks of recruitment are many, ranging from job satisfaction and variety to excellent salaries and multiple avenues for career progression. However, much like even the most loving of relationships, the role of a recruitment consultant can also be challenging - testing both patience and resilience.  

Through the highs of placements, bonuses, and clear avenues for career progression, there will also be times where you will need to dig deep to make those placements and stay motivated. At Search, we wholeheartedly believe the pros outweigh the cons in recruitment. Read on to discover more about the perks of being a recruitment consultant and why you should consider developing your career with us. 

1. The opportunity to meet people from all walks of life 

1. The opportunity to meet people from all walks of life 

As a recruitment consultant, you will not required to remain at your desk all day. A crucial part of any recruitment job is meeting clients to discuss their requirements, as well as attending events and networking to secure new business. Recruitment jobs also involve meeting candidates to determine their suitability for a role, whether that be via telephone, video, or in person.  

You could be sourcing jobs anywhere from entry-level positions to industry leaders - so you'll have the opportunity to meet a wide range of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

2. Excellent salaries and earning potential 

Recruitment is a sales-orientated industry, and the financial incentives can be extremely rewarding. As a result of meeting targets, you will likely earn fantastic bonuses on top of an already good basic salary. In fact, our recruiters at Search have access to a very competitive commission structure, alongside regular incentives.  

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3. Become a trusted advisor

As a dedicated recruitment consultant, you’ll be on hand to help candidates grow and develop as professionals in their field of expertise. You may offer advice on anything from interview preparation and application techniques to how they could develop their skills to improve their employability. Furthermore, clients will also seek recommendations on how their business can attract the right talent and remain competitive within their industry.  

As you develop your recruitment and industry knowledge daily, you can share your advice with clients and candidates and form long-lasting relationships

4. Feel valued and rewarded for your work

4. Feel valued and rewarded for your work

There is a lot of hard work involved in recruitment, but the rewards are totally worth it. Not only will you experience the joy of knowing you played an active role in helping change someone’s life for the better, but you’ll also be recognised by your managers and peers when you achieve goals and milestones. 

As a recruitment consultant at Search, you can expect a competitive salary and commission structure, plus a wealth of company incentives, including annual award ceremonies and quarterly highflyer events, ranging from luxury meals to holidays.  

5. A wealth of career development opportunities

A good recruiter has a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed. Provided you put the hard work and dedication into your recruitment job, the sky is the limit when developing your career within recruitment.  

At Search, we specialise in more than 15 specialisms and have an award-winning Talent & Development team based in-house to support your career progression with training, mentoring, and coaching programmes. In fact, many of our senior management team started as recruitment consultants and have developed through our progression pathway. 

6. Work hard, play hard

Real talk - recruitment jobs require you to be hard-working, focused, determined, and passionate. Yet one of the main perks of the job is the social aspect. With the opportunity to work in a lively office environment and attend numerous networking events, you’ll be able to foster strong bonds with like-minded individuals and undoubtedly play as hard as you work. 


Now you’ve considered the pros and cons of working in recruitment, you may now have a sense of whether this career path is suited to your personality, interests, and goals. If you think you would make an excellent recruiter, then the next step is to decide what industry appeals to you!  

At Search, we specialise in more than 15 specialisms and have 15 offices supporting clients nationally. Plus, we are always looking to grow our internal talent development team - so you’ll be sure to find an opportunity to suit you. If you are ambitious, self-motivated, and have strong communication and negotiation skills, we want to hear from you!  

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