How to get promoted as a Customer Service Representative

How to get promoted as a Customer Service Representative
How to get promoted as a Customer Service Representative

posted 28 Mar 24

After months of training and responding to customer queries, you’ll have probably settled into your role in customer service. After reaching this point, and finding yourself comfortable with the processes and responsibilities of your job, it’s natural to start thinking about career development and how to progress.

One of the best things about working in customer services is that you usually learn many transferable skills that can lead to progression opportunities in the business you work at and elsewhere.

To help you develop the skills to progress, we’ve asked call & contact centre specialists from Search to share their expert tips to get promoted. So, if you have the determination, patience, and work ethic to move into a higher-paid, more exciting role, this article is for you.

Top tips to get promoted in customer service

1. Be a team player

An employee who mixes well with others and helps their colleagues when they have problems is more likely to be considered for promotion opportunities when they come around.

If you explain processes well and consistently help others in your department, there are usually opportunities to take on roles where you help new employees settle in; taking on these additional responsibilities helps you become a team coach, a team leader, or a trainer, somewhere down the line.

While it’s good to be mindful of your own performance, it’s equally important to consider how your work can benefit the company, too. Demonstrating your maturity and leadership by helping your colleagues achieve their goals will be noticed by managers and keep you in contention for promotions.

2. Find creative solutions to problems

Critical thinking and the ability to solve problems will set you apart from those who simply follow instructions and don’t offer much else.

Although many ideas that seem good on paper aren’t always practical, managers admire customer service representatives who demonstrate initiative. Show that you’re thinking about ways to improve will only be received as positive and again, helps your chances of promotion.

To find areas to improve within the business, consider the customer feedback you consistently hear within your role.

3. Continuously learn new skills 

Customer service roles involve more than just making calls and there are many ways to learn new skills at work. For example, technology has significantly influenced how call centres work, so try responding to customer queries in real time on social media - this can improve customer satisfaction for the business and boost your customer service skills.

Of course, check this is okay with your manager before you start randomly replying to messages, because they may have a certain approach or script for you to follow with your online conversations.

You should also enquire about training programs in your industry to forge a new career path and better service customer needs. There are plenty of training opportunities to develop soft skills and technical skills in customer service, with online courses and physical courses generally available.

4. Expand your industry or product knowledge

If your call centre represents a particular industry or set of products, increasing your knowledge may open opportunities for you to progress.

To provide the right support as a customer service representative, you should learn about the company you work for and what they provide, keeping up with changes in the business and the wider industry. By establishing yourself as a kind of brand ambassador, you can give better advice to customers and show your loyalty to the company at the same time. 

Both of these are fantastic in the eyes of managers and those responsible for dishing out promotions.

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