Tailoring your CV - A comprehensive guide

Tailoring your CV - A comprehensive guide
Tailoring your CV - A comprehensive guide

posted 01 Jan 24

Tailoring your CV for each job application is essential for standing out to recruiters and securing the job you desire in the UK. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it effectively. 

Understanding the importance 

Customising your CV is crucial for showing employers that you're a serious candidate. A well-tailored CV: 

  • Demonstrates your interest in the specific role. 
  • Makes it easier for recruiters to see your suitability. 
  • Sets the stage for a successful interview by guiding interviewers on what to focus on. 

Preparing thoughtfully 

Before you start tailoring your CV, consider these points: 

  • Time management: Tailoring takes effort. Focus on quality over quantity in your applications. 
  • Understanding the limits: In some situations, like job fairs, you might not be able to fully customise your CV. 
  • Experience level: If you're an experienced professional, your CV may require less tailoring. 
  • Multiple versions: You may end up with different CVs for different types of jobs. Keeping track of each version is crucial. 
Focusing on key sections 

Focusing on key sections 

Customise these parts of your CV to align with the job description: 

  • Personal statement 
  • Work history 
  • Skills
  • Relevant qualifications and training 

The tailoring process 

Tailoring your CV involves several key steps: 

  1. Research the company - Understand their values, culture, and specific needs by reviewing their website and social media. 
  2. Analyse the job description - Use it as a guide to highlight the most relevant skills and experiences in your CV. 
  3. Prioritise relevant skills - Arrange your skills in order of relevance to the position. 
  4. Match skills with requirements - Compare your skills with the job requirements to ensure a good match. 

Providing specific examples 

Use specific examples in your CV to demonstrate your skills. For instance: 

  • Show how you have been innovative in previous roles. 
  • Highlight instances where you've taken initiative as a self-starter. 
  • Demonstrate your ability to work well in a team. 
  • Provide examples of your leadership skills, even in non-managerial roles. 

A tailored CV is more than a formality. It enhances your suitability for the role and demonstrates your genuine interest in the company and position. This strategic approach increases your chances of being shortlisted and ultimately, securing the job you want. 

By following these detailed steps, you ensure that your CV not only effectively presents your skills and experience but also resonates with the specific role and company culture, significantly boosting your job application success. 

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