Benefits of Hiring Temps & Contract Workers

Benefits of Hiring Temps & Contract Workers
Benefits of Hiring Temps & Contract Workers

When deciding whether to hire full-time or part-time staff, often the decision is made for you by the work. If there’s lots of work that will take 40 hours each week to complete, having a part-time member of staff won’t cut it. Conversely, if you only need 10 hours of work a week doing, then hiring someone full-time is going to waste not just your money, but their time too.

A lot of the time, where the work doesn’t dictate on what contract to hire a new member of staff, the business has to make a decision. If you find yourself in this situation, the six benefits we’ve listed below for hiring part-time staff may help you make up your mind.

The benefits of part-time staff

1. Lower associated costs

The lower associated costs are definitely one of the most recognised benefits of hiring part-time staff. This is because companies typically pay part-time employees hourly wages and can schedule the number of working hours depending on their individual needs. In addition, very often part-time employees do not receive benefits, which results in significant savings for the company.

2. Greater flexibility

Hiring part-time staff also leads to greater flexibility for the company. Part-time employees work flexible hours as the amount of work depends on the workload of the business. As a result managers schedule part time staff only when they are needed. This flexibility is beneficial both for the employer and the employee, as the work can be scheduled on varying times and days. Many businesses choose to hire part-time staff to fill evening or weekend hours that are not covered by full-time workers.

3. Talented and knowledgeable candidates

Many talented and knowledgeable professionals choose to work as part time employees in order to get fewer hour contracts and greater flexibility. As a result companies hiring part-time staff get access to these talented people and could greatly benefit from their knowledge and experience.

4. Attracting the most desirable workforce

By hiring part-time staff, many companies manage to attract professionals that were not available during the process of hiring full time employees. One such group, for example,  are new mothers who want to go back to work but do not want a full-time job and need extra flexibility.

5. Hiring loyal workers

Many part-time employees want to build a career in the company they work for. As a result hiring part time staff may lead to getting loyal employees who want to stay in the company. A desirable position, competitive salary and flexible work time often turn out to be critical for the retention of part time employees. Thus, if a part time employee is happy with the position he/she has in the company they are very likely to stay loyal to the business.

6. Potential full-time employees

Hiring part-time staff when the workload is low could easily result in getting suitable candidates for full time positions once the workload increases. Part-time employees learn a lot about the company and the way it operates, which makes them suitable candidates for available full time positions. They require less training as they already know the business and they fit easily into the corporate culture as they usually know the full time staff in the company.

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