8 benefits of Call Centre jobs

8 benefits of Call Centre jobs
8 benefits of Call Centre jobs

posted 15 Nov 22

Are you looking to develop new skills and gain experience in a flexible, exciting environment? A call centre job could be the role for you.

Search is one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies and currently has a huge amount of call centre jobs available online. In this article, we’ll explore some benefits of working in a call centre and the different kinds of opportunities available.

Inbound vs Outbound job Centre Roles

Call centre jobs fall into two categories: inbound and outbound. In an inbound role, you’ll likely be answering customer enquiries and/or complaints, whereas outbound call centre jobs are sales-focused or designed to gather customer information.

Whether collecting personal data or conducting surveys, your role as an outbound call centre agent will involve actively contacting people. This is opposed to dealing with calls coming into the company, which is the case for inbound positions.

Now, let’s explore some of the benefits of working in a call centre.

8 Benefits of Working in a Call Centre

  1. You don’t usually need experience

Finding a job with little or no experience can be difficult, especially if you’ve just graduated or are new to the job market. For most call centre jobs, however, you just need good communication skills and basic computer knowledge, rather than years of experience.

In fact, in a recently conducted study with all our call centre clients, 84% reported that they would look beyond previous experience when it comes to new hires. This is great news if you’re fresh from university or have never worked in a call centre position before.

  1. You can earn a high income and enjoy workplace benefits

Call centre jobs offer better salaries and benefits compared to many entry-level positions, and in recent research, we found that more than half of all UK call centres offer workplace benefits. These can include anything from life insurance to gym memberships, retail discounts, and more.

  1. Develop your skills and gain new ones

Since most call centres don’t ask for previous experience when hiring new customer service agents, free training is usually provided at the start of your contract. This gives you the chance to learn things like multitasking and communication skills that are essential to the role and working life in general.

Because you’ll be dealing with a specific product or service, you’ll also develop an understanding of the company and its industry, which means you’ll likely discover transferable skills for your future career.

  1. Progress in your career

Once you’ve started working as a call centre agent, you’ll learn a lot and gain valuable experience in how a business operates. Most large companies also promote from within their organisation because the employees have this existing knowledge of the business and industry, which provides career progression opportunities.

  1. Join a diverse team

Generally, call centres employ people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, which creates an exciting and productive working environment for you to hone your skills. Working closely with others in a multicultural team also promotes creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, which will serve you well in future roles.

  1. Enjoy quality amenities

Call centres in the UK are usually operated by multinational and well-known companies. As a result, their offices are often located in modern business buildings with good transport links. You’re also likely to find that they include in-house gyms, recreation rooms, refreshments, and other amenities you’ll struggle to find in other office jobs.

  1. A flexible, relaxed dress code

If you aren’t a fan of formal office clothing or strict dress codes, a call centre could be the place for you. Since you aren’t physically meeting clients and speaking to them in person, you can usually dress as comfortably as you like, which means swapping the freshly ironed shirts for everyday clothing.

  1. No work to take home

Even though call centres can be fast-paced environments, you rarely take your work home with you when you clock off. For the most part, once you’ve logged out of your computer and hung up the phone, you’re done for the day. This gives you a great work/life balance, which is what most people strive for.

How to get a Call Centre Job

If you think that a job at a call centre could be for you, we can help. As one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, we have a range of job opportunities at varying levels in call centre environments.

From part-time to full-time roles, shift work and overtime options, and more, we can help you find a flexible call centre job that suits you.

To discover all current call centre opportunities, check out our website or contact us today.