Pivoting from Retail to a Call & Contact Centre role

Pivoting from Retail to a Call & Contact Centre role
Pivoting from Retail to a Call & Contact Centre role

posted 08 Jan 24

As more retail shops continue to close, many have found themselves in need of a new direction in their career. Retailers are still feeling the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some have not yet fully recovered, with many shops having to make redundancies, in some cases, shut down or go into administration.

Although some popular stores may have now recovered, the whole experience has left retail workers questioning their job stability and security.

The pivot to working in a call centre

If you have worked in retail or another customer service role, you will have many transferable skills highly sought after by call and contact centre employers and would be an asset to their team.  

We have highlighted the top transferable skills that retail workers can use within a customer support role. 

1. Customer service

Retail is an industry that focuses on creating a memorable experience for customers and providing top-class service. This skill comes in very handy when working in a call centre. Having a positive outlook and making the customer feel like they matter and are taken care of, are vital skills in a call centre environment.

2. Communication

Good communication skills, both oral and written, are important for call and contact centre roles. Any previous experience in dealing with people, be it colleagues, customers, or clients, will help. It may sometimes be necessary to provide an easy-to-understand explanation over the phone or give some news that the caller may not be pleased to hear. 

Listening is another essential skill honed within retail. Workers that have patience and experience with complaint handling can often turn a bad situation with a dissatisfied customer around. This kind of experience and attitude is invaluable to call centre hiring managers and should be highlighted on your CV for subsequent applications.

3. Resilience

Resilience is crucial and is something that most retail workers will have in droves. Working in a public-facing role can often be challenging at times, whether that’s over the phone or in a shop. Having a thick skin and the resilience to move on to new tasks despite ongoing setbacks is key. Patience and perseverance will set you up for a long and fruitful call and contact centre career. 

Rachel Taylor at Search Call and Contact Centre says: “We receive a large number of enquiries from retail workers who have the skills you need to succeed in a call centre - particularly because a good deal of these roles offer job security. Many candidates have also found the hours more sociable, working evenings and weekends on a rota basis rather than the fixed shifts that you tend to find in retail or hospitality. Plus, more and more candidates are enjoy the increased earning potential you find working in a call centre, where bonuses can significantly boost your income.”  

At Search Call & Contact Centre, we’re always looking for candidates who have gained valuable skills and experience in other sectors and can make a real difference to your job search by helping you stand out to employers, even with limited experience. Talk to one of our specialist consultants to discuss a career that is flexible and steady or browse current opportunities today. 

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