About Smart Meter Jobs

A host of smart meter jobs have been created following the government rollout to have a smart meter installed in every UK home by the end of 2020. These jobs involve the installation and maintenance of smart meters in both residntial and commercial properties. Smart meters are designed to help customers keep track of how much energy they use in real time and which appliances use the most power. This means that a crucial part of a Smart Meter Installer’s job is to help customers reduce their energy usage and lower their bills.

When performing a smart meter job, you would be expected to visit the customer at the arranged time, remove their existing meter, fit the new smart meter, perform tests to make sure their smart meter is working, explain how to use the smart meter and answer any further questions the customer may have.

In addition to smart meter installation and testing, you may also be expected to provide energy efficiency and safety advice as needed.

Smart Meter jobs – the skills you need

Although no formal qualifications are required to pursue jobs in smart meter installation, testing, and maintenance, most employers value a good general education.

There’s also a number of transferrable skills which will be beneficial to your job performance in smart metering, such as communication, attention to detail and accuracy. It’s important to focus on developing these skills which are crucial to the smart meter job process, as you continue to gain valuable experience in the field.

Jobs in smart meter installation and maintenance also require you to hold a driving licence with no more than three points on it. 

Smart Meter jobs – building a career

Our 12 month, smart meter traineeship allows people to receive on-the-job training in the smart meter installation process. Smart meter fitter trainees can  learn as they earn, working alongside experienced team leaders, supervisors and field managers to ensure the smart meter jobs are completed to the required standard. The smart meter training programme will, however, require periods of classroom-based training as well. 

Entry-level smart meter jobs often come with competitive starting salaries of around £17,500, which can increase to £31,000 afetr completing a successful probation period, training and passing a final assessment. Smart meter jobs also allow you to continue learning and developing new skills in order to progress to a variety of different  roles including supervisor, health amd safety specialist or energy efficiency consultant or gas or an electrical engineering with an energy company.

Check out our smart meter engineer preview video below to see if this is an opportunity for you!


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