About Meter Reader Jobs

Meter Readers undertake jobs for companies that provide utilities or services to customers. As such, Meter Readers are responsible for traveling to different residential and commercial locations on assigned routes and gathering accurate data regarding the number of utilities used. Meter reader jobs can typically be found in gas, electric, and water companies.

Utility Meter Readers connect and disconnect utilities at different locations, reading gas, electric, and water meters using electronic devices and logging their findings in a route book to enter into a computer at the end of a meter reading job. Meter Readers drive or walk down specific routes to gather information from each customer on that route.

Meter Readers also check meters on properties for defects and damage as well as for signs of utility theft with unauthorised connections to any systems. Meter Readers must also report any problems with the meters or with not being able to read them properly.

Meter readers are also responsible for recognising an abnormal output of utilities, such as extremely high electricity, gas, or water usage, and for finding the source of the utility leak or problem before repairing it.

Meter Reader Jobs – The skills and experience you need

Although no formal qualifications are required to pursue jobs as a Meter Reader most employers value a good general education. Employers may also require their Meter Fitters to have qualifications at SCQF level 4/5. Qualifications and experience that show technical skills such as Skills for Work Construction Engineering (SCFQ level 3) or Engineering Skills (SCQF level 5) may also increase your chance of securing a smart meter job.

A number of transferrable skills will also prove beneficial to your job performance as a Meter Reader, such as communication, attention to detail and accuracy. It’s important to focus on developing these skills which are crucial to the job and processes, as you continue to gain valuable experience as a Meter Reader.

Because a Meter Reader’s job involves a significant amount of driving, an employer will also require you to hold a driving licence for a minimum of one year with no more than three points on it.

A career as a Meter Reader

Our 12 month, smart meter fitter traineeship allows people to receive on-the-job training as a Meter Reader and Fitter. Trainee Meter Readers and Fitters are ultimately given the opportunity to learn as they earn, working alongside experienced team leaders, supervisors and field managers to ensure the smart meter jobs are completed to the required standard. The smart meter training programme will, however, require periods of classroom-based training as well.

Entry-level Meter Reader jobs often come with competitive starting salaries of around £17,000, which can increase to £30,000 upon successful probation period, training and passing a final assessment. Smart meter jobs also allow you to continue learning and developing new skills in order to progress to a variety of different engineering roles.

As you continue to build your job experience as a Meter Reader and develop new skills, you could go on to become a Team Leader or Supervisor. Job experience in smart metering could also open the door for you to become an energy efficiency consultant, or move into gas or electrical engineering with an energy company.

If you fancy becoming a Meter Reader, watch our video below to find out more and apply to an opportunity near you!