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Solid Sales recruitment support and guidance


Solid Sales recruitment support and guidance

A clear-cut strategy and a dedicated Sales team can help your business grow. They not only bring in new business, but they can also create long-lasting relationships with your customers or clients.

A career in Sales is an exciting one. We know Sales professionals are tenacious and passionate about what they do. Whether you’re looking for a particular role or something a little different, we specialise in placing candidates across more than 15 distinct specialisms.

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Specialist Sales sectors that we support

  • From global manufacturers to specialist contractors, we use our industry connections to place ambitious candidates within exciting civil engineering, infrastructure and construction roles.

    Clients trust and return to us to support them with recruitment projects across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific (APAC). We help to place a wide variety of professionals, including Business Development Managers, Sales Directors and Presidents.

  • FMCG & Consumer Sales is all about relationship building. By combining our knowledge of the industry with our established reputation, we partner with some of the world’s leading FMCG brands.

    Through our worldwide recruitment campaigns, we’ve built a global network of candidates and clients to allow us to provide unique opportunities for both.

  • With everything from retail to distribution, logistics, supply chain and distribution, Sales encompasses the entire lifecycle of a product. Every company is different with unique processes, so no two briefs are the same.

    Our thorough approach means we pair top salespeople with opportunities where they’ll thrive, so both parties achieve their goals. With roles ranging from Sales Executives to C-Suite, we place candidates at every level.

  • With the introduction of AI and technology always evolving, the Fintech space is constantly redefining the world of finance. As the industry continues its rapid growth, the need for talented salespeople is only increasing.

    Whether it’s a Chief Commercial Officer, Commercial Director or Business Development Manager, our specialist Fintech Sales recruiters have the knowledge and network to match experienced and qualified candidates to companies ready to take the next step.

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Stand out in your career

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Market Mapping Reports

Are you looking to gain a competitive edge in hiring? Look no further than Search's tailored market mapping support. We have a dedicated team ready to produce a comprehensive report giving you key insights into your competitors and the market.

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