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Keeping Recruitment Moving Through Video Interview Technology

There’s no doubt about it, that the recruitment industry has taken a hit since COVID-19 hit our shores some weeks ago.

As companies face the prospect of months of uncertainty, frustratingly, it feels like a long time to press pause on recruitment processes and put your employer brand on hold.

And indeed this can be a dangerous game if we press pause on our talent pipelines now. A talent pipeline can take 2-4 months to mature, turning a 3-month problem into a 12+ month problem if we take the very drastic measure of pressing stop.

This is where companies have had to stop, evaluate and adapt. Those who adapt to change and innovate will be the least affected by COVID-19.  

By investing in video interview technology, we have been able to help our clients keep things moving and fulfil their hiring plans.  

Video interviews are not new to us at Search and we have been working with Odro for some time now seeing being able to create numerous efficiencies and benefits for both our clients and candidates.

How Video Interview Technology Works

Using Odro, we are able to conduct andfacilitate interviews through laptop, tablet and mobile devices in low bandwidth situations, giving us access to even the most remote candidates. The tech requires no downloads, registrations, logins or passwords, ensuring candidates with any level of technical ability can take part.

It allows us to provide recorded live interviews between our recruiters and candidates. We can also now involve your hiring managers in the process too. These interviews can then be shared with any decision makers in your business, without the need for diary co-ordination.

We simply send a link, which they click once, and they’re ready to go.

We also have the ability to record one-way candidate interviews. You can give us written questions that display one at a time to the interviewee, allowing them to record the answers to the questions on their own and submit the video.


Video Interview Technology creates flexibility

Obviously with there being no need to arrange a face to face meeting, it works perfectly in the current climate.  Video interviews can take place whenever and wherever  you like. There are no issues with distance which means you can reach  candidates further afield and have a wider pool of talent to engage with.

Candidates can also arrange to complete a video interview at a time to suit them. So if they are struggling for time off in the current climate, they can complete the interview in their down-time.

Once interviews are completed, they can be presented to you in an interactive shortlist page which gives you full visibility of everyone in the process. These pages have commenting functions for each candidate and a document viewer that can hold up to five supporting attachments, such as a CV and cover letter.

Video Interviews save you time

Using video interviewing increases your interview to hire ratio by 70%. 

In many cases, during an interview, you can make a decision or a judgment on someone’s suitability in the first few minutes. In a face to face interview, you have to continue with the interview and end it at a suitable time. With video interview technology, you can stop the interview at any point and move on to the next candidate.

We can also save you time on your hiring by conducting your first stage interviews. We can use your interview questions and send the responses back to you in a candidate shortlist for review.

Finally, think of the hours you can save in coordinating diaries and the admin that goes with scheduling interviews.


Beat your competition to the talent

If your hiring goes on hold then you’re potentially missing out on the very best talent in the marketplace. Agile businesses are continuing to hire, so don’t be the last in the race to employ the best people. Introducing video interviews to your hiring processes will ensure you don’t miss out.

If you would like to discuss a  recruitment project using video interview technology, then get in touch and we would love to help you stay ahead and keep your business moving forward.