Search Medical scouts for talent at the British Council Career Fair in Greece

Search Medical scouts for talent at the British Council Career Fair in Greece

According to recent statistics by the General Medical Council, there are nearly 4000 qualified doctors currently living in Greece. For this reason, representatives from Search Medical launched their own recruitment campaign at the British Council’s Career Fair in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Both cities – rich in ancient history and excellent weather - provided the perfect backdrop for Search’s Medical recruitment team to meet a wide range of qualified and culturally diverse medical specialists with a keen interest in joining the UK’s healthcare workforce.

Over the course of two days (6th and 7th of May) Search spoke to a broad range of professionals in the industry, offering advice on how best to relocate and integrate into the UK through various means, such becoming proficient in the English language to enhance communication.

Brexit was also a hot topic of discussion, with many attendees expressing their concern on how a divorce from Europe could impact their career aspirations in the UK. The team noted that a significant proportion of the NHS workforce is from countries outside of Europe (at 6.8% against 5.5% from the EU according to April’s figures from

Search Medical also provided reassurance that, given the skill shortages in high demand throughout the UK, it would be unlikely that an exit from the EU would have a detrimental impact on employing overseas workers into the local healthcare workforce.

The drive was reported as a success, with the team meeting a substantial amount of medical specialists who were both GMC qualified, and fulfilled the criteria of clients aiming to appoint professionals to hard-to-fill posts.

Ricky Alfred, one of Search Medical’s Divisional Managers who attended the event, said: “Participating at this year’s career fair was an excellent opportunity for us to pinpoint talent that is currently much needed by our client base.”

“In addition to the stunning weather, great food and the captivating history we were privileged to explore within two of some of Greece’s most breath-taking cities, we also thoroughly enjoyed meeting a wide range of medical specialists who I am confident will soon bring their skills and expertise into the UK.”

“It’s no secret that there is a shortage of medical specialists locally, so being able to reach out beyond borders to generate talent is not only necessary, but extremely rewarding.”


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