Search Consultancy shows construction work is on the up

Search Consultancy shows construction work is on the up


For the first time since the recession, construction is on the up and there are fantastic opportunities for skilled workers.

No longer do construction workers need to settle for recession-era short term, low-paid contracts as there is now a huge demand for your skills.

Leading recruiter Search Consultancy works with a range of high-profile clients offering the best pay and conditions to work on major construction projects.

It prides itself in identifying the best opportunities to its candidates, and is looking for skilled workers to fill some of the best jobs across a huge range of sites across Scotland and beyond. 

With average wages in the construction industry now almost a third higher than they were during the recession, it is now truly a candidate’s market.


Construction sector is on the up

Companies are offering longer contracts and better terms and conditions as they look to recruit the best and most skilled workers for their projects.

Driven by a huge increase in large scale works over the past year - including huge civic projects in Glasgow and Ayrshire and a booming supermarket industry- the demand for skilled construction workers has rocketed. 

Right now, Search is actively recruiting for a variety of long-term temporary contracts across all trades. So whether you’re a joiner, plumber, slater, electrician or painter there is an opportunity for you.


Emphasising the wealth of opportunities currently available, Search Scotland's MD, Simone Lockhart, said: “Though the construction sector has been through some testing times over the past few years, companies are now crying out for skilled workers.

“We are currently recruiting for major construction companies and public sector clients and can offer some of the best pay deals and contracts available in the industry.

“Now is the right time to contact Search Consultancy and find out how we can help you secure a fantastic construction job. The projects are underway, there is huge demand for your skills and we have the tools to help you boost your career and earning power.”

Looking to the future, the sector shows no sign of slowing down. There is a huge demand for new, affordable homes across the country and new developments are springing up across towns and cities Scotland-wide to meet this growing demand.

This new-found confidence has also seen both private companies and public sector bodies earmark investment in infrastructure and energy projects, from roads and schools to huge offshore energy developments. 


Better wages

The only thing holding back the growth of the construction industry is a skills shortage – a shortage which is pushing wages in the sector far above the national average.

This should not only encourage skilled workers to return to the sector, but encourage those currently in employment to recognise the wealth of options now available to them.

Simone Lockhart added: “At Search Consultancy we do everything in our power to maximise your chances of securing the best possible jobs in this exciting new landscape.

“Better pay, longer contracts and exciting projects are on offer. Now is the time to get in touch and find out how we can boost your career and increase your earnings.

“We are proud of our long and successful track record of matching highly motivated candidates with some of the leading names in the construction industry and have long-standing relationships with key decision makers in leading companies.”

To find out more about construction sector opportunities in Scotland with Search, visit, call 0845 026 0183.


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