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Associates Guide
Associates Guide

Grow your professional network

Join the increasing number of temporary workers who are choosing to become Search Associates.

Employed directly by us, you’ll work for our clients. This is an ideal option if you want to broaden your knowledge and work experience.

What are the benefits of becoming a Search Associate?

What are the benefits of becoming a Search Associate?

If you’re unsure of the specialism you’d like to work in, or of your career path, working as a Search Associate allows you to try different options.

Gaining invaluable skills along the way, you’ll be able to narrow down what suits your skills and lifestyle. Our specialists will work with you to secure long-term placements or back-to-back assignments, so you’re never out of work.

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Everything you need to know about being a Search Associate

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to work join our growing network of Search Associates that are placed with our clients throughout the UK every week. In the below guide, we've highlighted some of the important aspects of working with us as an Associate. 

Please note, this guide should be read in conjunction with your written statement of particulars of employment.

Your Search Associate Guide

  • You'll be paired with a consultant, who will be there to advise you, support you and answer any questions you have. Most importantly, they will endeavour to find the temporary assignments that best suit your skills. 

  • Our aim is to keep you in continuous work. Keep in touch with your Search consultant to confirm your availability, so you don't miss out on exciting assignments.

    If you're finishing an assignment and going on holiday, let your consultant know - they can then set you up with something for when you return.

  • Before you start an assignment, your consultant will always provide you with the following information: 

    • Name, address and telephone number of the company you're working fo
    • Job description/responsibilities 
    • Name of the person you should report to on your first day 
    • Name of your line manager 
    • Hours of work/rate of pay/overtime requirement 
    • Length of assignment 
    • Any additional information specific to the assignment 
    • Travel information/directions 

    If you find anything about your assignment is different to the information you have been provided by your consultant, please contact us immediately so that we can review this with the client. 

  • While we know you’ll make every effort to not be absent from or late for work, we appreciate that this is sometimes unavoidable.

    In these circumstances, whether it’s a result of sickness or emergency, please let your Search consultant know as soon as possible, but no later than one hour before your normal start time. This allows us to make alternative arrangements with the client. 

    All our offices are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We also have a 24-hour answer-phone service, which means you’ll always be able to leave a message, even if you can't speak to your consultant directly. 

    If you have a medical certificate, please advise us of the length of your absence as soon as possible. If not, we ask that you contact us on a daily basis to update us on your progress and to tell us how long you’re likely to be absent. We’ll keep the client informed on your behalf. 

  • To help us ensure everything runs smoothly, we'd ask that you please notify your consultant of any changes to your circumstances or personal details immediately. This is so that we can keep you up to date with the opportunities and information that are most relevant for you.  

  • We’re committed to equal opportunities for everyone and ensuring that all those who work with us or are associated with us are treated fairly, regardless of their age, sex, marital status, race, ethnic origin, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

    If you have any concerns in relation to equal opportunities, you should raise the issue in the first instance with your consultant. 

  • You’ll be paid weekly on a Friday, directly into your bank account. Payment will be for the hours you worked the previous week.

    Your consultant will explain the timesheet methods available to you, and how and when you need to submit them - this is usually via either the Search Hub or the client’s portal.  Timesheets can occasionally be submitted by the client directly to us. In some circumstances, you may be asked to submit a hard copy paper timesheet. 

    To make sure that you’re paid on time, we rely on you to do the following: 

    • Complete your timesheet each week and submit it for authorisation 
    • Record your start/end/break times accurately 
    • Submit timesheets by 10am each Monday 

    If there is a bank holiday, your timesheet submission times may change.Your consultant will notify you of this. 

    If you're using the Search Hub, your payslips will be available online each Thursday. You’ll be sent an activation email in your first week, so you can activate your personal Hub account - see 'How do I activate my Search Hub account?' for more details.

  • This is our online payroll system that can be accessed by all our Search Associates. Use it to update your personal details and submit timesheets, so you get paid on time.

    The Search Hub enables you to:

    • Add your hours via the online timesheet section (if your assignment utilises this function)
    • Access payment advice
    • Notify Search of a change to your bank details
    • Notify Search of a change to your home address
    • Access messages from the Search Payroll department (regarding bank holidays, pensions etc.)
  • Once you have been placed on an assignment by one of our consultants, you will receive an activation email. This will contain a link to the Search Hub login screen, which will display your user ID and give you the option to create a secure password. 

    Please keep a record of your user ID and password, as you will need this to log in each time. 

  • Your consultant will advise you before each assignment if you’ll be required to work any overtime and, if so, whether a different rate of pay will apply.

    If you have not been advised before the assignment that overtime is involved and your line manager asks you to work additional hours, please notify your Search consultant immediately. 

  • As a Search Associate, you are entitled to a maximum of 28 days (5.6 weeks) holiday per annum, inclusive of all public holiday entitlement*. Paid annual leave accrues in relation to the amount of time you've worked, and will be pro-rated where part-time hours are completed, or if you don't work a full year as an Associate.

    The holiday year runs from the date on which you started working for Search as an Associate. During your assignment, you will build up a ‘holiday pot’. For each week that you are paid, this ‘pot’ will be increased by a minimum of 12.07% of hours worked to ensure that you receive the minimum of 28 days holiday.

    All holiday entitlement must be taken during the holiday year in which it was accrued, and may not be carried over. If you fail to take all your holiday entitlement during that year, no payment will be made for the untaken days.

    *Please note, holiday pay is only paid to PAYE Associates of Search. If you are paid through a Limited, Umbrella, CIS or Employer Service Provider, then the responsibility of holiday pay lies with them. Please contact them for confirmation of your entitlement.

  • Any holiday payments are based on the average pay rate which was received over the previous 52 week period.

    If you have had less than 52 weeks of pay, the average pay rate for the weeks you have been paid will be used. 

    Please note, holiday payments will not exceed the value held in your ‘holiday pot’.

  • All holiday requests must be authorised by the client you are working for. Once your request has been approved, you will need to complete a Search holiday form in order to request holiday pay as an Associate.

    This form should then be sent to your Search consultant no later than the Friday of your holiday week. 

  • Should you find yourself in a situation where you are in between assignments and you have holiday sitting in your ‘pot’, you can request to take any outstanding holiday during this period. 

  • If you terminate your employment with the company and request your P45, this will automatically release any outstanding holiday pay to you that you have sitting in your ‘pot’. 

  • It is important that you dress appropriately and always convey a professional image. As the dress code may vary in different organisations, your consultant will inform you of the appropriate rules before each assignment. 

  • Rest assured, we check the health and safety policies and procedures of all our clients, so there are no risks when you start an assignment. If we do become aware of any risks, we will inform you immediately.

    If you have any concerns whatsoever, relating to your own or others’ health and safety, please bring them to the attention of your consultant immediately, who will take any necessary action. 

  • As a Search Associate, you’ll be governed by the Confidentiality Clause (10) within the Written Statement of Particulars of Employment.

    Depending on the nature of the assignment, you may be required to sign a client specific confidentiality agreement prior to your start date. Your consultant will discuss this with you, if applicable.

    You may also be required to wear a security badge. In this event, you would need to wear it at all times whilst on the company’s premises. 

  • If you’ll be using a computer/laptop during your assignment, you‘ll be required to comply with the email and internet policies and procedures of the client you’re assigned to.

    Please make sure you take steps to familiarise yourself with them, as well as any other relevant policies. 

Search Associates policies

Search Associates policies

Find out more about key policies on:

  • Health and Safety
  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Payroll
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Become a Search Associate

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