5 jobs you can get with no experience

5 jobs you can get with no experience
5 jobs you can get with no experience

posted 16 Nov 23

So, you’ve just finished school or college and find yourself trapped in the seemingly infinite catch 22 loop where you need experience to get a job, and a job to get experience. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Does such a thing as 'no experience jobs' even exist?’ - the short answer is yes! 

Through a range of avenues such as apprenticeships or traineeships, combined with a healthy dose of ambition, hard work, and self-confidence, it's possible to secure jobs with little or no experience. Read on to find out how. 

How to get jobs with no experience 

How to get jobs with no experience 

According to young people's careers magazine Future, 54% of graduates say they would think again about choosing university as the best way to find a job. While higher education can certainly unlock doors to professional opportunities, it’s not a guarantee as far as work experience is concerned. 

One way to secure a job with no experience is to work on a temporary basis for multiple companies to gain experience. You could also look into pursuing an apprenticeship or traineeship. Many companies will take on school leavers to train up, and you’ll have the opportunity to earn as you learn on a practical level. 

No experience jobs to pursue

Contrary to popular belief, jobs that require no experience may also come with competitive starting salaries, with many of them offering growth opportunities as you increase your level of experience and continue to develop your skills and expertise. Here are just a few of many jobs you can get with no experience. 

5 job roles that require limited experience 

1. Office Administrator

Many companies will take on junior Office Administrators with no prior work experience. This role is a great introduction to a career in Business Support and a foot in the door of an organisation where you may be able to work your way up to Office Manager, or to a different area of the business. For example, at Search, a number of our Recruitment Consultants started their careers in Office Support and worked their way up to where they are today. 

2. Customer Service Advisor

UK call and contact centres are always in need of people, meaning it’s possible for individuals to work in Customer Service without having prior experience. Once you have your foot through the door, you’ll find that many call centres offer comprehensive training schemes and apprenticeships which not only allows you to settle into your role as a Customer Service Advisor, but ultimately progress to a managerial positon. 

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3. Chef

Given the shortage of hospitality workers, including chefs within the UK, it is relatively easy find entry-level chef jobs with no experience needed. Many successful chefs start their careers at commis level, with no formal qualifications or experience beforehand. Think of the kitchen brigade system as a four-step ladder for career progression. You can enter the industry as a Commis Chef, and progress to Chef De Partie, to Sous Chef, and eventually to Head Chef.  

Discover the benefits of working within of Hospitality for more insight into the industry. 

4. HGV Driver

Although you don’t need a degree or work experience to become an HGV Driver, you will need to hold a full car driving licence to start training with a Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) which is required for the role. There is currently a huge demand for HGV Drivers in the UK, and experienced HGV Drivers can earn as much as £40,000 per annum. If ever you needed an incentive to pass your driving test, this is it! 

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5. Smart Meter Installer

While previous labouring experience and a reasonable level of physical fitness may be required to pursue a career in this field, you won’t need previous meter installation experience to become a Trainee Smart Meter Installer. Many employers will offer a traineeship and if you pass the final assessment, you could earn a job for life and a salary in excess of £30,000 per annum. 

No experience, but need a job? Search can help!

Remember that even if you have no direct experience needed for the jobs you’re applying for, you can take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate your ambition, motivation, and passion to learn and grow on a professional level. At Search, we have a range of jobs - with no experience required, contact us today for more information.