Paving the way to a greener future

Search's journey to sustainability

Paving the way to a greener future
Paving the way to a greener future

posted 30 Nov 23

In an era where sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, Search has embarked on a pivotal journey towards environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. Our story is one of transformation, commitment, and proactive action.

Our journey began with a realisation - the need for a true measure of our environmental impact. Using the SERC reporting format, we found that most of our carbon footprint fell under Scope 3, encompassing activities like commuting, air travel, hotel stays, and deliveries. This was a wake-up call, leading us to take our responsibility to the environment earnestly and to re-evaluate our carbon footprint thoroughly.

We partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain, the UK's leading offsetting initiative, to help us accurately identify our carbon footprint. This collaboration was pivotal in enabling us to take positive climate action, including the removal of CO2e from the atmosphere through various projects, ultimately leading us to become a certified carbon-neutral business.

Stage one – Calculation

Our commitment was not superficial. We dived deep, providing extensive data to environmental consultants to measure our footprint following the ISO14064 and CHG Emissions Protocol Accounting Standards. This comprehensive analysis covered everything from our office footprint and energy usage to business travel and remote working patterns.

Stage two – Offsetting

Armed with a detailed carbon emission report, we committed to offsetting our carbon footprint. The projects we supported were certified by reputable standards like Verra, the Gold Standard, and the United Nations. These initiatives didn't just offset carbon; they also supported education, employment, clean water, and had a net positive impact on local wildlife and ecology.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact a dedicated sustainability strategy can have – not just on our business, but on the wider community and the environment. We believe in taking actionable steps, not just making promises. By partnering with initiatives like Carbon Neutral Britain and setting ambitious carbon reduction targets, we are not just talking about change; we are being the change.

Richard Vickers, CEO at Search

Stage three – Certification

Our efforts culminated in receiving the Carbon Neutral Britain Certification, a robust and credible testament to our commitment to being a carbon-neutral business.

Stage four - Future targets

Looking ahead, our goal is ambitious yet achievable: Net Zero by 2050. We have set clear targets, like reducing our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030. Our strategies include transitioning our IT estate to 100% cloud-based systems, exploring electric vehicle schemes, continuing hybrid working models, and ensuring our real estate is fit for purpose.

As we forge ahead, our focus is not only on our internal practices but also on engaging with our supply chain to align with our ESG strategy. This journey aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting our commitment to global sustainability standards.

Final thoughts from CEO Richard Vickers

Looking ahead, we are not just focusing on our internal practices but also aiming to inspire and align our partners and stakeholders with our sustainability vision. We are committed to being leaders in this journey, driving change not just within our walls but beyond, into the wider community and the world.

Final thoughts from CEO Richard Vickers

At Search, our sustainability journey is a testament to our belief that businesses play a crucial role in combating climate change. We are not just recruiters; we are change-makers, committed to creating a sustainable future for all.