Leveraging ESG for talent attraction

A strategic move for UK businesses

Leveraging ESG for talent attraction
Leveraging ESG for talent attraction

posted 30 Nov 23

In today's competitive job market, attracting top talent goes beyond offering attractive salaries and workplace perks. UK businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in drawing skilled professionals. Here we explore how embedding ESG principles into your business operations can be a game-changer in talent acquisition.


The rising importance of ESG in recruitment

The modern workforce, especially among millennials and Gen Z, is looking for more than just a paycheck. They seek employers who align with their values, particularly in areas like sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance. By prioritising ESG, companies can resonate more deeply with potential employees who value purpose-driven work.

Katie Ball, Talent Attraction Manager at Search

At Search, we’ve seen a significant shift in candidates prioritising companies with strong ESG values. It’s clear that the new generation of talent is not just looking for a job but a platform where they can contribute to meaningful change.

Katie Ball, Talent Attraction Manager at Search

Environmental impact - A key factor for talent

Environmental sustainability is no longer a 'nice-to-have' but a 'must-have' for businesses. Implementing green policies, reducing carbon footprint, and supporting environmental initiatives can make your company more attractive to environmentally conscious candidates. Demonstrating a commitment to the planet can be a decisive factor for talent choosing between prospective employers.

Social responsibility - Building a purpose-driven brand

A company's social impact is closely scrutinised by job seekers. Initiatives like community engagement, diversity and inclusion policies, and employee wellbeing programmes showcase a business’s commitment to social issues. Companies that actively contribute to societal betterment are often viewed as more desirable workplaces.

Governance - Transparency and ethics in the workplace

Strong governance, characterised by transparency, ethical practices, and responsible management, builds trust. For potential employees, this aspect of ESG assures them that they are joining an organisation that values integrity and fairness – an increasingly important consideration in job choice.

ESG as a competitive advantage in talent attraction

Embracing ESG can set your company apart in the job market. It not only reflects a commitment to global issues but also demonstrates foresight and progressive thinking. In an era where talent is more discerning, having a robust ESG strategy can be the differentiator that attracts top candidates.

Erin Vickers, Director of Talent & Engagement at Search

Implementing ESG isn’t just about making our company appealing to potential hires. It's a fundamental part of how we operate and succeed. Our sustainable practices and social initiatives are a testament to our commitment to a better future for all.

Erin Vickers, Director of Talent & Engagement at Search

How to implement ESG in your recruitment strategy

Incorporating ESG into your talent attraction strategy is not just about ticking boxes; it's about building a brand that resonates with the values of today's workforce. As a UK business, leveraging ESG can give you a significant edge in attracting and retaining the best talent, ensuring long-term success and sustainability.