What does a water industry company, a fast-growing utilities business and a heavily regulated technology specialist have in common?

All three have intractable challenges that were addressed by an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

In all cases, their journeys started with ERP implementations. Once up and running, these disparate companies got the results they needed: SAP changes leading to efficiencies without adding new employees, re-engineering of work packages and finance optimisation.

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Water Industry – Private limited company with share capital, £800million T.O


Core systems redesign and optimisation, downsizing, £40m cost saving


  • Conducted initial 15 day discovery assignment and multiple staff interviews

  • Retained to deliver enterprise roadmap, retained again to lead finance optimisation

  • S/4 HANA and Ariba rejected: excessive remediation needed first. Empowered Finance team

  • Challenged £60m spend on non-SAP add-ons. Can be done in SAP for £5m

  • Developed retirement plan for unnecessary add-ons: simplify landscape, restore core finance

  • Proceeded to deliver 150+ improvements to finance, retire redundant systems

  • Supervised and delivered 400+ pages of Finance Procedure documentation

  • Ran education program to simplify, optimise and reduce cost and duplication in Finance

  • Initiated multiple clean-up programs (PCA, CO-PA, automated variance analysis etc.

Utilities Sector – FTSE100 listed business w. 23,000 employees - £14billion T.O Ofgem regulated business


Core systems redesign, auditability, governance, connectivity


  • Delivered four key system re-engineering work-packages

  • Managed the successful carve-out of a £13bn subsidiary for flotation, and developed fall-back plans

  • QA and redesign of Plan B and basic components was delivered and accepted by CFO

  • Concluded end-to-end redesign of PTP system where £2.4bn is processed outside Core ERP

  • Redesigned end-to-end CAPEX process. Fixed asset value: >£43bn. All proposals accepted

  • Recommended changes to SAP/P6 data integration model

  • Delivered plan for end-to-end rework of SAP Authorisations/GRC rebuild and placed the consultant

  • All the work packages were signed off and delivered. Client now migrating to S/4 HANA

Technology Sector – LSE FTSE100 listed business, 85,000 employees - £19billion T.O, heavily regulated business


Core systems redesign, auditability, governance, connectivity


  • Identified many root cause problems all over SAP and 3rd party products

  • Recommended new IS responsibility structure, new leadership team, empowered advisory board

  • Introduced higher levels of automation, dedicated process owners, adherence to core SAP design

  • Recommended SAP data tool which was purchased and made live

  • Stabilised poor SAP Master Data, synchronised with salesforce; other data objects to follow

  • Recommending process leaders, rollout of education and knowledge, finance team reduction

  • Reviewed original blueprint materials for US deployment and rejected 50% as unviable

  • SAP solution now templated; US deployment August 2018, other subsidiaries later 2018

  • Delivered final recommendations 7 December 2017 to CFO, CTO, Transformation Director

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