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Whether you’re a school leaver ready to kick-start your career, a seasoned professional looking for your next temporary role, or perhaps you’re still undecided on what direction you’d like to take next? Whatever stage you are at in your career, getting a summer job could be a useful stepping stone on your mission to landing your dream job.

Research shows there is a higher demand for staff across the summer, due to the warmer season and rise in general public activity (CV Library), making it the perfect time to earn some extra cash and cement some new skills in the process that can aid your future aspirations.

If you’re considering getting a summer job but still need a little convincing, here are four ways that temporary work can directly benefit your career prospects.

Harness transferable skills

While a summer job won’t always necessarily be what you have in mind for your long-term career goals, what it can provide is a short-term stint of experience that can teach you a whole host of transferable skills that future employers are looking for. These predominantly include communication skills and developing a strong sense of teamwork (BBC Newsbeat).

"Communication is going to be one of the main ones, whether you work in a bar or a call centre," says Rachel Locke, an advisor from the National Careers Service.

"Quite often you have to deal with difficult customers or difficult situations so I think being able to negotiate situations like that requires act and diplomacy on the part of the individual." (BBC Newsbeat).

According to reports from the University of Manchester, other valuable skills that you can develop during summer jobs and internships include:

·       Problem solving

·       Leadership skills

·       Decision making

·       Time management

·       Emotional intelligence

·       Organisational skills

If you want to learn more about the most in-demand skills valued by employers right now, check out our recent article here.

Build out your CV

If you’ve recently graduated from school or university, after an intense exam period, applying for jobs might be the last thing on your mind (CV Library), but having a strong CV with as little gaps as possible is key to securing the most competitive post-grad roles.

Having summer jobs, placements, and/or internships on your CV demonstrates drive and determination to future employers. This is a great way to stand out against others when applying for jobs – giving you the edge on other potential candidates who may not have spent their summers as productively as you have.

Not only this, but the invaluable skills you can cement during summer jobs and programmes will help you to hit the ground running in future positions you go on to secure.

Remember, your CV demonstrates to potential employers what you’ve got to offer, so it’s crucial for it to be built out properly (Careers Inspiration UK) showcasing as many of your skills, positive attributes and as much relevant experience as possible.

Financial freedom

With the warmer British weather (usually) making an appearance, summer is when the UK's social season officially comes to life, with countless events happening all over the country (Visit Britain). Alongside this, it’s by far the most popular season for travelling abroad on family holidays and group getaways. Recent reports reveal that UK residents made 6.1 million visits abroad last year, throughout the duration of July to September (Office of National Statistics).

With such an uplift in events, activities, and holiday bookings, there’s no better time to earn a little extra money to join in the fun and frivolity with family and friends! A summer job can provide you with the financial freedom you require to tick off everything on your summer bucket list.

Experience different industries

Summer jobs don’t just mean working in hospitality or your local pub (CV Library). There are lots of temporary opportunities out there covering a range of different sectors.This is one of the main advantages of taking on a summer job – it provides you with a chance to test out different career paths before fully committing to one. This allows you to figure out exactly what you enjoy, what you don’t, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

So what are some examples of different summer roles you can try?

Here are a handful of helpful ideas to get you started:

·       Voluntary or paid work at festivals and events (Prospects)

·       Retail jobs

·       Hospitality and bar work

·       Administrative roles

·       Tutoring

·       Construction work

·       Driving jobs

·       Health and social care roles

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To learn more about the benefits of getting a summer job, check out the following websites:

CV Library

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The University of Manchester

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