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Have you landed a seasonal call centre job to tide you over this Christmas and envisioned yourself working there permanently? Or, perhaps you have had a string of temporary jobs and finally found a company that is the perfect fit for you.

Whatever the industry, whatever the time of year, there may be opportunities for you to turn that temporary job into a permanent one. If there is not one initially, it is all about making a solid case for why you should be kept on and creating the opportunity instead. Discover how to be promoted to a permanent role with our top tips below.

1. Show that you are adding value throughout your temporary job placement

Your temporary job placement is a chance to prove yourself. To ensure you are a cut above the rest of your colleagues, you need to demonstrate investment in the job, and this does not just mean staying beyond your working hours. After all, it is about how you use these hours and what you achieve that counts. 

How exactly can you prove you are a valuable asset to a company? Take a look at some of the examples below. 

  • Actively contribute to professional discussions and bring fresh ideas to the table

  • Present new and more efficient ways of completing tasks

  • Pay attention to detail and make an effort to offer solutions to problems

  • Support colleagues in need

  • Offer to take on additional responsibilities not stated in your job description, within reason

2. Build rapport with your colleagues  

Make an effort to build positive relationships within the workplace. Forging these relationships will highlight that you are a perfect cultural fit and are a great communicator with the interpersonal skills to match. Not only that, your colleagues are the people that are going to ‘put in a good word’ for you when the opportunity presents itself. As with any job, good references are valuable in helping you land a permanent position. 

3. Be adaptable and approach tasks with a positive mindset

Temporary jobs require you to adjust to new people and ways of working all the time, but it is how you approach this that matters. Employers are looking for temporary staff who take on new tasks with enthusiasm, positivity, and resilience, especially when faced with challenges. Be mindful of the language you use when obstacles come your way and always show that you are working towards a solution rather than dwelling on the problem itself. If you need to work collaboratively with others to achieve this, that is even better. Employers love team players.

4. Make the most of learning opportunities

Seize learning opportunities and ask questions. Temporary employees that use their initiative and strive to understand the business are the ones that are going to stand out to their employers the most. It demonstrates that you are committed both to self-development and the performance and long-term goals of the business. Following the above is a sure-fire way to ensure your intentions for permanent employment are made clear, and your employer will likely pick up on your efforts. 

Our tips for turning a temporary job into a permanent one encompass all the makings of a good employee. As we know, when it comes to securing a permanent job, first impressions are everything. However, in a temporary position, you will arguably need to work that bit harder to ensure this positive first impression lasts the entirety of your placement. The goal is to demonstrate that you are not replaceable and to show that you add value to your team. Our tips should help you well on your way to achieving just that. 

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