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From slashing commute times and costs to zooming in your slippers, there is much to love about working from home; but are these perks at a detriment to your career progression? While technology allows us to stay connected, communicate and collaborate from anywhere, lack of face time may limit or damage your career growth.

Despite the prevalence of working from home and its growing acceptance, remote team members are often perceived as less committed than their colleagues in the office and therefore have to make more of a conscious effort to get noticed by their peers. Here are several ways you make sure you are considered for that next promotion: 

Show off your results

Start by keeping track of your achievements that have helped the business reach strategic goals. Mention these achievements in conversation with your manager and support this with regular reports on your results and progress. As companies look to reduce costs and question their resources, making sure your contributions are clear and well-known will help remind your manager of your value and stay front-of-mind when it comes to team development. 

Undergo additional training

Remember that experience isn’t the only thing considered, and additional skills or qualifications may be required when recruiting for internal positions. By undergoing training in your own time, you are more likely to be considered alongside or ahead of external candidates. The time spent studying will pay dividends if it helps you land your next promotion, and if you don’t, you’ll have something to add to your CV if you decide to look externally.

Don’t overlook business as usual

It’s easy for exciting projects to take precedent over the mundane day-to-day tasks. Proving that you can get the foundations right and then build on them with additional project or task successes, shows that you are able to juggle responsibilities, rather than dropping everything.

Promote variety in your workload

Variety in your workload leads to greater job satisfaction, and ultimately, a better quality of work. Often, we underestimate the variety working in an office provides, from joining impromptu chats, grabbing lunch out, or meeting your colleagues in the boardroom for an ideation session. To keep things interesting at home and strive to deliver better quality work, try switching up your home office or flipping between work tasks throughout the day.

Nurture relationships

Meeting with people virtually is not always the same as connecting with them informally. Whilst you're missing the opportunity to grab a coffee with someone or run into them in the elevator, making an extra effort to connect virtually is always worthwhile. Strike up conversations outside of your workload, as nurturing relationships with both senior and less senior colleagues will pay off in the long run.

Whilst you should certainly reap the benefits of working from home, be careful you don’t look up from your home office in a year’s time and realise how much you’ve missed in terms of your relationships, learning, and career development.

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