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When considering a new career move, it’s important to realise which skills and qualities you have to best apply yourself to a new job. Understanding what you enjoy doing and how much time you could spend doing certain tasks is another way to establish which jobs would be the best for you. Thinking about taking on a customer service roll can be a big commitment, and as with all career sectors, you must seriously consider if it is the right job for you.

Are you good at communicating?

As the name implies, customer service jobs are all about customer satisfaction. Speaking to members of the public is central to the role. In almost all positions you will be required to have excellent communication skills, be literate when communicating through emails, and be able to think fast on your feet. 

If you love talking to new people, sharing enthusiasm for products and services, you’re passionate about and ensuring the people around you are happy and satisfied, then a career in customer service could be for you!

Do you enjoy problem solving?

Often, when working in customer service, you’ll be dealing with people who are facing a problem and have come to you for help. This means it’s incredibly beneficial if you enjoy problem solving. This might mean helping with a product query, helping source the best deals or just answering basic questions your customer might have.

The end goal is always reaching a solution with your customer and problem solving skills will help do just this.

Are you patient and understanding?

Before long, you’ll be an expert in the products and services you’re dealing with. But your customers won’t be. Having a patient personality with the ability to be polite yet firm with customers and situations is a real bonus for a customer service role.

Some people might need more support than others and if you find yourself losing patience with people who need your help, this might not be the role for you.

Will you be able to represent a brand?

Customer service jobs are all about establishing yourself as the face of a brand. You’ll often be first port of call when a customer needs support so your attitude, behaviour and language all need to represent the brand you’re working for. The more you enjoy your job, the more it will show, and you will be more likely to gain a positive reaction from your customers, even drawing in sales just by being considerate!

Do you need flexible working?

Customer service doesn’t fit into a 9-5 mould and if you require flexible working hours then this could be the right role for you. With many working patterns available, jobs in customer service can work around you and your needs – whether that be childcare, education or just preference!

Highlighting your strengths and weaknesses is the first step to ensuring you can figure out exactly what you are capable of. If you recognise that you are great with people, can remain level-headed and calm, and enjoy the challenge of changing situations in the workplace each day, a customer service role could be right for you.

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