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​One of the main benefits of working in the outgoing sales and customer service sector is the potential for progression. Companies working within this space typically prefer to promote from within, giving those with the right knowledge and skills the opportunity to take the next step in their career.

Before you climb the ladder, you need to show you’re capable of success in your current role. To help, we’ve pulled together some qualities and habits you should look to adopt if you want to continue growing your career.

Knowledge Retention

In this industry, it pays to be a good listener. No two calls are the same, so retaining important information can be the difference between it going well and turning sour. By taking notes and making sure you have all the key information, a clearer picture can be achieved.

Whether it’s an outbound sales call or customer support, remembering the key details allows you to create a tailored solution to each issue. From an Internal perspective, knowledge retention shows the business you genuinely care about the customers.

Human & Empathetic Approach

Within the outgoing sales and customer support sector, a majority of calls will include solving customer pain points. Whether it’s by pitching a solution or providing assistance, taking a human and empathetic approach allows the contact to feel more at ease.

Remaining calm at all times is an obvious skill, but when faced with a difficult call it’s easier said than done. Those who can remain empathetic are showing resilience in the face of adversity and prove they can still perform under pressure, something required in management positions.

Organisation leads to efficiency

The busy nature of outbound sales and customer support roles make skills such as multi-tasking and organisation a necessity. Whether it’s managing a helpdesk or tracking hot and cold leads, these actions often need to be completed while dealing with callers.

Before you progress up the career ladder, evidence of self-management needs to be shown. By planning, daily tasks can be streamlined creating an organised and efficient approach to each day.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Outbound sales and customer support professionals interact with a wide range of personalities daily. One call could be with someone happy to stay on the line, while the next could be with someone frustrated. Being able to quickly adapt to the needs of the caller is an essential skill for success.

Alongside this, flexibility in a schedule may also be required in some roles. Some opportunities require people to work on a rota-basis which could include evening and weekend shifts.

Attention-to-Detail & Creativity

This combination is often required when trying to solve unique problems. Listening to the finer details of each customer’s story will help you find personalised solutions to each pain point they have.

If you want to succeed in the industry, then you can’t just stick to the script. Forcing a generic solution upon each customer often fails to reach the heart of the matter. By analysing the smaller details of a customer’s issues, a creative solution can be found which deals with the problems they are facing.


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