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This week marks Learning at Work Week, an opportunity to celebrate lifelong learning at work and shine a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development.

To celebrate, we challenged the Search MD’s to share an important lesson they have learnt over the years and one lesson they wish they had learnt sooner.

Read about the key lessons our MD's have learnt below.

​Richard Vickers

Chief Executive Officer

What I’ve learnt

If you do not believe in yourself, no-one will.

What I wish I’d learnt sooner

The sales industry is black and white. There is limited middle ground. Either you are winning or you are losing.

Lisa McLean

Managing Director of Health & Social Care, Nursing, Social Work

What I’ve learnt

Work smarter not harder. Working without a break is not smart, nor will it always get you the best results.

What I wish I’d learnt sooner

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Whilst asking questions is important, listening is equally as important, if not more so.

Paul Kynaston

Managing Director of Construction & Property

What I’ve learnt

Expect the unexpected, especially when dealing with people.

What I wish I’d learnt sooner

Shouting, although occasionally satisfying, is essentially futile.

Jonathan Abell

Managing Director of Financial Services, Legal, Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain, Scientific

What I’ve learnt

How to use and conduct meetings on video conferencing tools.

What I wish I’d learnt sooner

It's never too late to embrace new technology!

Rich Westhead

Managing Director of Driving, Engineering & Manufacturing, Hospitality, Industrial

What I’ve learnt

If you want staff to perform and progress in their careers, you need to take time to show them how to do their job. You need to regularly review how they are performing as well as continually coach and encourage them along the way.

What I wish I’d learnt sooner

Be braver and push yourself more to achieve your goals quicker. 

Julie Calisir

Julie Calisir - Managing Director of Business Support, Call & Contact Centre

What I’ve learnt

Always believe in yourself – be your own worst critic as well as your biggest supporter.

What I wish I’d learnt sooner

I can say no to the office feeders and fat lunches.


At Search, we are passionate about providing a structured and accessible learning and development journey for all our colleagues. We were one of the first recruitment companies to achieve Platinum Investors in People status and we recently launched our new learning platform ‘Connect.’ to help facilitate our custom training and development program.

If you want to find out more about the ways we support our staff in their learning and development, drop us an email at careers@search.co.uk or discover more about what we do here.