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Inter Isle Logistics LTD is a UK registered company, co-owned by Dutch parent companies Visbeen, Post Kogeko and Daily Fresh. In 2019 they were all merged to the new parent company - Daily Logistics Group (DLG). Their UK headquarters is in Doncaster, Northamptonshire, and they have multiple European offices. Specialising in transportation, Inter Isle Logistics move goods within the EU and to the UK, products primarily supplied from and through their home country of Holland.

When Inter Isle Logistics needed a team of fifteen reliable drivers to complete their next haulage project, they reached out to the Search Driving team to help support their recruitment efforts.

Finding the right talent

The project had a tight timescale and was taking place during the first COVID-19 lockdown, so they needed a well-networked recruitment partner who had experienced drivers on hand and prepared to work, with minimal disruption.

As these were roles for professional drivers, the necessary criteria was fairly strict, but not unusually so. It was important that the Search Driving team ensured that every candidate they referred spoke a good quality of English so they could communicate with their Dutch colleagues, had experience operating a refrigerated truck and held less than six points on their license.

“All fifteen contracts were the same in terms of pay and hours, but long distance driving experience was required, as was a knowledge of the local routes,” said Andrew Cooper, Recruitment Consultant, Search Driving.

“It was all pretty standard, but we wanted to find out as much as possible from Inter Isle Logistics to make sure that all of the drivers we put forward would fit their criteria exactly.”

Driving forward the recruitment strategy

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, HGV drivers have been in high demand as consumers turn to online shopping for the necessities. But even before this, trade body Logistics UK warned of a HGV driver shortage and an aging workforce.

“We have a large number of drivers in our network at Search Driving, but many of them were already working or perhaps on furlough from their current position. We approached candidate attraction in the usual way at first, posted on job boards with the required criteria, and sent the opportunity out to our database,” says Andrew.

“What really worked for us was reaching out to drivers to see if they knew anyone in the industry that was looking for work.”

Speaking to these drivers directly to understand their current situation, whether it was looking for a more stable company with steady hours, or for something to fill the gap until they could return to their full time employer, helped Andrew and his team find multiple candidates that fit Inter Isle Logistics' criteria. Not only that, but it gave them the opportunity to sell the role to drivers, with an emphasis on the benefits of working for the client.

The role was secure, with the opportunity to become a permanent driver, an attractive proposition for those with insecure hours or on a temporary contract.

“Every time we spoke to a driver, the Inter Isle Logistics criteria was the first thing we discussed. If they fit the bill, we’d discuss experience and their current situation. If everything seemed OK after that, we added them to the shortlist,” says Andrew.

A winning formula

Once Search Driving had a shortlist of around 30 drivers, they were booked in for an interview and assessment with an Inter Isle Logistics manager. This was held on-site, socially distanced, and gave the client the opportunity to meet every potential candidate for the role.

All selected candidates then had their paperwork checked by the Search Driving team, including references, license, insurance, background check and Right to Work documentation if required.

If everything seemed in order, they were ready to go for a final interview. After this, with the fifteen drivers decided upon, they were scheduled for a short induction, and then given a rota to begin working as soon as possible.

“All fifteen drivers for this project were provided by Search Driving. It’s common for some clients to have a couple of agencies involved so they feel there are options with candidates, but ours were of such high calibre and matched the criteria so well, that they were all hired. Having only one agency with multiple candidates with made it a lot more straightforward for Inter Isle Logistics,” said Andrew.

The whole end-to-end process only took around two weeks, which was quite an achievement given that the vast majority of the country were in a strict COVID-19 lockdown. Due to the high calibre of candidates, and the time that Search Driving had spent learning about the Inter Isle Logistics expectations and culture, meant the team were awarded further contracts down the line.

“We were really happy with the candidates found by the Search Driving team,” says  Steve Cannell, Compliance and Transport Manager at Inter Isle Logistics. “They really took the time to get to know our requirements for the job, such as good English skills so they could communicate with the Dutch team.

“Particularly given the situation with the pandemic and the driver shortages, Search Driving were able to come up with a number of fantastic candidates that were exactly what we were looking for. We feel that the team really understand our selective criteria, and will continue to work with them on future project.”

If you’re looking to hire a driver or team of drivers for your next project, get in touch with the Search Driving team today. They can talk to you about your requirements to ensure you get the most suitable candidates on the market.