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Today we are celebrating 25 years of Search long service of our Glasgow based Director, Donna Turner. At Search we have a loyal team with over 25% of colleagues having worked with us for longer than 5 years.  

Meet Donna...

Donna leads a number of different recruitment initiatives for Search. She is responsible for the Recruitment Shared Service Centre in Dunfermline that manages elements of recruitment & selection processes for external clients. She is also in charge of the implementation and roll out of Talent Engine, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing technology solution to clients. She has worked particularly closely with our Health & Social Care teams who have used it to revolutionise recruitment for some of their large clients. She also manages our bid team and works closely with operations to secure new business for Search.

Donna first stepped into our West Campbell Street office on 17th July 1995. Edwyn Collin’s “Girl like you” was top of the charts. It was the start of one of the hottest UK summer spells on record and the start of a sizzling career! (Pardon the pun!). 

We caught up with Donna to get her take on a quarter of a century with Search.

What was your first day like with Search?

Its funny but I can remember this day so vividly – even down to what I was wearing.

We were on the first floor in West Campbell Street in a small team of four people delivering recruitment services for both call centre (they were just being established at that point) and industrial. I was introduced to the team, the AS400 Candidate Management System, was given an overview of our clients and then was left to get on with it!

 I was certainly thrown in at the deep end, but what a great way to learn!

How has your role changed over the years?

I honestly don’t know where to start with this one! My role has changed so often over the years but that’s what keeps it interesting. I will always remember in the early days, being in the office until 2am at times to make sure that tender deadlines were met. I would be printing copies, laying them all out on the floor to collate them and then ensuring they were ready for the courier to pick up first thing in the morning. There were no portals back in those days!

It’s fair to say though, that was a different day, different decade, a different challenge.

What has been your greatest achievement in your career to date?

There are so many achievements. For me, winning big, quality, profitable, relationship-led contracts has been immensely satisfying. ClientLogic, Tesco, Tesco Bank, KPMG Tax Centre of Excellence in Glasgow; all relationships that have stood the test of time.

But the Greatest achievement was working as part of the winning team that secured Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games – a once in a lifetime experience that’s for sure!!

Being a sponsor certainly raised our profile as a business and it was amazing to be a VIP throughout Games Time and be chauffeured to all of the events. We even meet with Royalty including the King of Tonga. Sadly he didn’t have any recruitment needs we could support with!

What do you love most about life at Search?

As someone who is based in Scotland, it’s fantastic to work for a large organisation that has a strong Scottish heritage. That helps to open doors. And the people. As they say, ‘People make Glasgow’.

Why have you stayed at Search for so long?

It has to be down to the opportunities that have arisen to progress my career, starting off as a trainee consultant and then progressing through the ranks to director. But more importantly, I have had the chance to work across a variety of different specialisms; from Call & Contact Centre and Industrial, to Finance, IT and most recently, Healthcare.

Every day is still a school day and I’m constantly learning which keeps it fresh!!

How has recruitment changed over the years?

Technology has got to be the biggest change over the years. No more rushing to get ad copy to the publishers, scrolling through the jobs section in the Herald to get job leads, using a mobile phone the size of a brick! Oh and the worst part back then was preparing client presentations on acetates!

Now we have so many technology solutions that address everything from advertising, to recruitment and selection tools, to online compliance. I don’t know what we would do without it all now!

The only element that’s not changed is the people. Whether that be clients, candidates or work colleagues and that’s what keeps us all in recruitment, the people!

A note from CEO, Richard Vickers

"Congratulations Donna on 25 years in the business. It really is an amazing achievement. You have had such a profound impact on Search and its success and have made many friends along the way. Here’s to many more years of you helping us make this business the special organisation that it is."

A note from Managing Director, Lisa Mclean

"Wow 25 years..You must have started back in the child labour days! I'm privileged to have worked for you for four of those years. You are one of the most committed, hardworking and sincere colleagues I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with you for many more years to come!"

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