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Susan Celebrates Twenty Years at Search

In the  month where Russian President, Vladimir Putin was sworn in New Russian President Sworn in to power and where Craig David and Britney Spears topped the charts, Susan Todd was embarking on her career with Search. Little did she know she’d still be with us twenty years later!

In an industry that is notorious for a high turnover of staff, Susan has had a remarkable career with Search. An extremely popular and well-respected recruiter, here is the “Lockdown Lowdown” of her twenty years at Search.


What was your first day like with Search?

Terrifying! I had no idea what to expect and had no clue about recruitment. However, the team were lovely but were extremely busy with no spare time to spend with me so it was hard. It really was sink or swim. I decided to swim!


How has your role changed over the years?

Initially I started in the Call and Contact Centre team as a resourcer and progressed within the team to senior consultant in 2005. In 2008 when returning from maternity leave I decided it was time for a change and took the leap to work with some of our key accounts, which for me was a good move as I enjoy volume recruitment.

Over the years I have worked on various projects ,from working onsite at two major telecoms providers to an onsite role at Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee which was a great experience. I am currently a Managing Consultant, still within our call and contact centre specialism and I really enjoy what I do. 

We are constantly busy and kept on our toes which can be hard going at times, but we have a great team who are all so hard working and a great support. I can’t wait until lock down is over and we can all celebrate together. As teams go, we are all very good at socialising!


What has been your greatest achievement in your career to date?

Being part of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee. I really enjoyed meeting and working with different people from all over the world and learning about the diverse roles that exist in the games world. I really enjoyed the challenge of researching and recruiting for the roles at Glasgow 2014 as they were so different from anything I had ever recruited for before.


What do you love most about life at Search?

It has to be the people and the various different characters  I have met throughout the years, some whom I consider to be really good friends. I am still meeting new people over video calls,  even in lockdown which is great, and can’t wait to meet them face to face for a large wine when this is all over.


Why do you think you have stayed at Search for so long?

I  have had so many great experiences and learned so much over the years. I am never bored, each day brings something new and I enjoy that. Search is a great company that recognises your achievements and rewards success. 


How has recruitment changed over the years?

Recruitment has definitely became more fast-paced and competitive  as there are so many recruitment agencies in Glasgow than when I started all those years ago. We have to be so much more innovative and creative in our ideas to attract candidates and win business.  But I’m certainly proud to work for Search and of our reputation as the recruiter of choice in Glasgow.   

A note from Alison

Alison Campbell, Associate Director of Search Call and Contact Centre and Susan’s line manager comments:

“Susan has enjoyed an incredibly successful  recruitment career at Search. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication that she dispalys each and every day. Over the years she has made thousands of placements working long hours and weekends too, as well as  traveling  up and down the country to help people find work and fulfil her clients' needs.

Susan is extremely well-respected and loved  by her colleagues, candidates and clients alike. She is a social butterfly at Search, never misses a night out, and always there for her colleagues with one of the most sunniest dispositions of anyone I know!"

Happy lockdown anniversary Susan!  

If you would like to talk to Susan and her colleagues about call centre jobs in Glasgow, or you need help with recruitment then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch today.