Search Technology supports Cyber Girls First - Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech

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Women currently make up just 17% of the UK's tech workforce. Bridging this gender gap has never been more urgent. Over recent years Search Technology has taken steps to ensure the gender gap in tech remains on the agenda; running events and providing advice on how to ensure diverse recruitment processes are followed.

Once again, Search is delighted to be supporting Cyber Girls First in their pursuit to run even more educational events for female students across the North of England and Scotland.

Cyber Girls First was founded in 2015 with the aim to tackle the shortage of women in tech. Back then, only 12% of those working in tech were women. By dispelling the misconception that only boys can succeed in the sector, the organisation continues to raise awareness around the wealth of opportunities a career in tech has to offer women, with a particular focus on the cyber security arena. So far they have reached over 2000 female students across the UK.

Their events, targeting females students aged 11-14 are interactive and fun, and provide an opportunity to learn about careers in Cyber Security, gaining a greater understanding of this growing industry. Cyber security experts from the Police will help the children understand  the threats of cyber attacks on both individuals and businesses.

Delegates will also meet cyber security professionals to learn first-hand that cyber security jobs are not just about coding all day.  Having cyber security systems in place is now a crucial requirement for all companies. Cyber Girls First helps the students realise this.

The ultimate aim of the events is to inspire girls to consider taking Computer Science as a GCSE option, challenging the misconception that only boys have the skills and traits to work in tech and tackling the problem that not enough schoolgirls take it at GCSE.

As Cyber Girls First’s network has grown, so has their respect within local business communities within the tech Industry. Gaining sponsorship from the likes of major organisations such as JP Morgan ,ISACA and Fieldfisher, as well as ourselves at Search Technology, more organisations are supporting the cause to help tackle the issue with the next generation. With the support of Youthfed, ten Greater Manchester schools have been invited to join the Manchester event and bring along some female students.

The Manchester event takes place on 19th March in Manchester, hosted by Accenture and supported by the Northwest Business Leaders Team. We welcome any Cyber Security professionals, organisations and departments to get involved. Contact us to find out more.

Kate McClorey, MD at Search Technology adds: “Perfectly timed, following International Women’s Day celebrations in March, we are delighted to be supporting Cyber Girls First with their next event in Manchester. It’s very satisfying to be able to enlighten female students on the opportunities that will be available to them if they pursue a career in tech. 

The North of England is home to some of the UK’s top cyber security teams, and we are excited about giving our contacts the opportunity to get involved and inspire the next generation of tech talent.

If you are in the cyber security arena and would like to take proactive action to bridge the gender gap in tech, then we would love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more and get involved with future events.