Best Web Developer Portfolio Tips

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So you’ve decided to maximise the flexibility and remote working opportunities generated by the UK’s vibrant gig economy, and branch out as a Web Developer Contractor. After years of experience and fine tuning your skills, you feel confident in your ability to sustain yourself through offering valuable web development services to clients.

There’s just one thing left to do, create a killer portfolio to showcase your skills and expertise as a Web Developer.

When navigating through the highly competitive contractor market, winning clients and building a network takes dedication, commitment and a great portfolio which showcases your skills, experience and achievements.

Although creating a great web developer portfolio which communicates the value you can offer clients may seem like a daunting feat, our contractor recruitment experts at Search Technology & Transformation share their best portfolio tips for web developers - highlighting what employers want to see. 

Best Web Developer Portfolio Tips


1. Define your niche and set the tone so it resonates with your target client base

In a world full of Web Developers, your portfolio needs to stand out to businesses and industries you wish to target. Firstly, it’s important to define your niche in order to determine how to build a web developer portfolio that best reflects how your skills relate to the contracts you aim to win. Niching down positions you as an expert in a specific industry or area of web development you wish to work within, resulting in clients seeking you out rather than the other way around.

Top tip: Think about the industry you want to target, and niche area of web development you wish to specialise in. Do you prefer more UI work, or better suited to back-end projects? What about industry? Will your services add value to the accountancy sector, or are you better suited to healthcare? More information on how to define your niche here

2. Create a web developer portfolio that showcases you in the best light

Now that you’ve defined your niche and overall objective, it is time to determine the web developer portfolio style that will put you in the best light. Seeking design-heavy roles? Then get creative and let those skills shine! More focused on the back-end? Then streamline the front end by leveraging a framework, limiting graphics and sticking with one classic font.

Top tip: Search for inspiration by browsing through other web developer portfolios for inspiration, starting here

3. It's not enough to talk about your skills - you need to provide evidence of them

Now that you’ve done your research and have enough inspiration to crack on and build your web developer portfolio, it’s time to showcase the goods you have on offer. The best way to reinforce your learning and prove your skills is through projects you have undertaken previously. For experienced Web Developers, this process is fairly straightforward, but for those who are starting out as Software Developer Contractors, the projects you feature could cover the following:

  • Contributing to open-source projects
  • Building an online trivia game around a topic you love
  • Making a website for a friend or family member’s small business
  • Revamping a website for a business you know and love

If you’re passionate about your projects, it will shine through when you discuss them with potential clients and hiring managers. So choose projects you’ll enjoy showing off.

Top tip: As you list your projects, remember to also provide context around them. What was the goal of building or rebuilding this website? What obstacles did you overcome? What skills did you use or learn to complete the project? It’s best if you share your source code using a tool like GitHub.

Congratulations, you’re all set to create a killer web developer portfolio! But don’t stop there. The best Web Developers are never stagnant, and use their portfolio site as a place to continuously experiment with new tools and enhance their skillset to align with changes and demands in the market they target. If your portfolio reflects this, you’ll ensure that you remain competitive in the fast-paced and ever-changing domain of web development.

Need help securing your next contract?

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