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Before we know it the festive season will be upon us – bringing with it an increase of Christmas temp job openings!

As shoppers scurry about by the thousands to combine Christmas shopping with food, drinks and merriment, employers from call centres, to retail outlets and hotels will need temp employees to cover the increase in jobs and meet the customer demand.

Whether you’re looking to gain additional career experience through working a variety of temp jobs, or just want to earn some extra cash to spoil your loved ones over the festive season, there is no better time to look at these widespread opportunities.

Read on for our top tips to help you get the best Christmas temp jobs. 

5 Tips to get great Christmas temp jobs

1. Get an early start when applying to Christmas temp jobs

It sounds obvious, but the longer you wait, the less chance you have of finding a temp job this Christmas. The job market is extremely competitive, and recent research has suggested that jobs in retail and hospitality attract an average of over 25 applicants per position. Although an employer may list a closing date for applications, it is not uncommon for them to bring this forward should they find a suitable candidate. As such, you should apply for a position as soon as you find it.

2. Look for Christmas temp jobs in Customer Service, Retail and Hospitality 

Hospitality & Catering, retail and customer service are the sectors which are most likely to have an influx of temp jobs over the Christmas season. Given that the festive period is by far the busiest time for shopping, the customer service and retail industry in particular will be looking to hire temporary employees.

Ensuring that your job search targets specific industries will help save you time, especially when using online search tools which may otherwise list jobs that don’t interest you.

3. Make yourself available for shift work during the Christmas season 

It’s important to let potential employers know that you are available for the temp jobs they have on offer. During the application stage, many recruitment agents will ask you to list the hours you will be available to work. You will increase your chance of being called to an interview by listing as many free hours as possible.

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You should also try to be as adaptable as possible, because employers will find it appealing if you can be flexible as to which shift pattern you take.

4. Apply to as many temp jobs as possible before Christmas

As mentioned above, the seasonal temp jobs market is extremely competitive and it would be naive to think that you’ll get the first job you apply for.

Employers with an online application service will often have an option for you to create an account and save your details, making it much easier to apply for several different temp jobs at once. 

5. Be prepared to receive Christmas temp job offers

With the demand for new employees being so high, employers may wish to offer you the temp job in the interview. This is beneficial for them as it means that you can start as soon as possible, and the business can reap the rewards of your work much sooner.

In order to accept a job, you’ll more than likely need to show them your passport, your National Insurance number and a proof of address. Coming in prepared will help ensure that you don’t miss out should they offer you a job over the Christmas season. 

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