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So there’s every chance that you have contacted a Recruitment Consultant in the past to help you get a job. However, have you ever thought about becoming one yourself?

We don’t guarantee an easy life. Yes, it’s sales, and yes, you will need to be resilient. However, if you have a strong work ethic and the hunger to progress on a professional level, then we will guide and support you through the rest. We offer industry-leading training,  just one of many reasons why Search have been awarded the prestigious Platinum Investors In People Award. 

Six reasons why you should become a Recruitment Consultant at Search Consultancy's Sheffield Office

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1. No prior experience required to become a Recruitment Consultant at Search Consultancy

As our exceptional Recruitment Consultants will testify, there are many ways you can jump into the world of recruitment. You won’t need a degree or prior experience to become a Recruitment Consultant. If you have worked in sales, perhaps as an estate agent or in a call centre, retail, or even car sales, then you’ll have the foundations to be a great recruiter.

As was the case with one of our Healthcare Recruitment Consultants, who initially pursued her career in retail. She says:

“My experience of working in retail certainly equipped me with the skills needed to succeed in recruitment. Our comprehensive training will not only bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about the industry, but also give you the skills needed to develop your career and reach your full potential.” 

We offer industry leading training and have a track record for developing rookies. Some of our top performing consultants come from outside of the recruitment industry. It really is all about having the right attitude. We will teach you the rest!

2. Recruitment Consultants make money

Although not a typical sales job, recruitment is a sales-orientated career. Therefore, the financial benefits that come with it can be very rewarding. At Search in particular, you will be rewarded with an un-capped bonus scheme on top of an already good basic salary. 

We give you the time to build your pipeline of business. You will have no sales threshold to meet for your first 6 months, which means you will earn commission on every placement you make.

3. Rewards for your hard work 

Fancy driving a BMW or Audi? Once you reach Senior Recruitment Consultant status, you will have earned yourself a company car.

As a Recruitment Consultant at Search, you will also benefit from structured avenues to develop your career, actively supported by our trainers and your line manager to ensure that you reach your full potential.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Ben Bradley, our Senior Recruitment Consultant who was recently promoted after just two years in the business. He says:

“While there is certainly something to be said for going the extra mile in order to achieve your goals, I am truly fortunate to work in a company that genuinely invests in the training and development of its employees.” 

4. Not just any sales job

Although the role of a Recruitment Consultant is sales-focussed and requires you to be resilient with strong negotiation skills, you’re not just selling a list of products; you’re selling people and opportunities. It helps if you are competitive and can bounce back when your perfect candidate doesn’t accept the job you’ve secured for them, or your client fills their position with a candidate from another agency. Through the ups and downs, you will have a back-up plan, and the ability to seek the support from your manager and your team.

Furthermore, where many typical sales roles involve evening and weekend working, as a recruitment consultant, you’ll get your weekends back! 

5. As a Recruitment Consultant, you are a go-to person

As a recruiter, you are on hand to help individuals grow and develop as a professional in their field. You will also be an advisor to clients. As employers endeavour to grow their business, you will be on hand to assist in bringing in the right people. Search will give you the tools to build a strong reputation and become an expert within your field.

6. Work hard, play hard

Being a Recruitment Consultant requires you to be hard-working, focused, determined and passionate. However, with numerous networking, awards, client and candidate events, along with a strong bond with your team and peers, you will undoubtedly play just as hard as you work!

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