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On the 16th  of August 2018,  Search employee, Jane Robb became the first person in Search’s history to reach 25 years length of service.

Search Consultancy, the UK’s leading recruitment consultancy and the largest recruitment firm in Scotland, has been operating since 1987 from its Glasgow headquarters and now employs over 700 people across 15 office locations in the UK. Search boasts one of the highest average lengths of service in the country, and for the recruitment industry, reaching a quarter of a century is rare. 

After initially starting out as a small boutique agency in Glasgow in 1987, Search Consultancy soon expanded their arm by launching additional offices in Edinburgh in 1988, and Dunfermline in 1990. Jane Robb joined Search three years later in 1993.

She recalls the day she first walked through Search’s doors in Glasgow, saying, “When I had my interview, Search was a small recruitment company with only 300 temps. The finance manager spoke at length about plans for the business and the potential for me as an individual to grow within what would hopefully become a nationally-acclaimed recruitment firm.”

Jane rose to the challenge, and accepted the offer to join Search as an administrator. “While there is always a risk in joining a small business, there are also opportunities, and this one in particular really excited me. It was a complete change to my previous role, and I’m pleased to say that 25 years down the line, the business still inspires me.” She has since progressed to her current role as Payroll & Invoicing Solutions Associate Director. 

The UK's recruitment sector has undoubtedly evolved over the years, and Jane notes how Search has grown and adapted to ever-changing nature of the industry.

“Over 20 years ago, recruitment was as simple as placing a temp, paying them and billing the client, whereas now we contend both with how technology has shaped consumer demand, along with the plethora of new and developing regulations. As a result, our Central Services department has signifantly developed over the years, utlising the wide array of technological resources available to make processes more efficient to keep pace with the fast-paced demands of the industry. Although this has been a challenge initially, it's fantastic to see how far we've come, both as a department (which previously consisted of a handful of people vs a great deal of paperwork) and as a business overall."

Jane maintains that her career experience within Search has been both positive and fulfilling, saying, “Overall, being a part of Search has been an absolute pleasure. I have many fond memories of my journey with the business, and look forward to creating many more.”

Of Jane’s milestone, Grahame Caswell, Search’s Chief Executive, said: “I want to personally thank Jane for her service and I hope that she’ll be with us for many more years to come.”