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Attracting and keeping the best sales talent isn’t difficult with a bit of effort and the right strategy.

It pays to pay well

Sales people want to be rewarded for their successes. Some businesses make the mistake of setting sales people tasks which aren’t linked to their targets and then wonder why they get push back. It should be obvious when their commission makes up to fifty percent of their on-target earnings.

If as a business, there is something you want sales people to do, set it as part of their target and reward them accordingly. Don’t put them in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between a path which is best for the business or a path which is best for their pocket. Make it easy for them to earn their commission whilst growing the business.

Don’t increase their targets every chance you can, to see how far you can push them; you’ll just push them out of the door. Also, don’t set ridiculous commission thresholds. If they hit 98% of their target, they should be earning a percentage of their commission.

Targeting on customer service

Bad managers don’t listen to their salesforce, they just listen to the numbers they bring in. Some salespeople may hit their target at the expense of good customer service, whilst others may not hit unrealistic targets because they are keen to do a decent job. Which sales person is better for the business long term? Don’t just work your sales team to the bone; work with them to see what you can achieve together. Measure customer satisfaction based on individual sales performance.


Culture doesn’t just ensure you keep your salesforce, it makes sure that you retain every member of staff and customer for that matter. It helps particularly with sales though because few other roles are financially rewarded specifically on achievement. If a salesperson is having a bad month, they need to be motivated and encouraged accordingly. They may already be demotivated and stressed about their commission that month, they don’t need to be micromanaged; they need to be supported to resolve their challenges.

Powering salespeople with great marketing

Customers are now typically 70% down the sales funnel before they even speak to a salesperson. This means that they have used the businesses website and other branding to judge your business and your services before your salesforce even get a look in to support the customer and meet their targets. You are, therefore, doing your salespeople a massive disservice if your marketing collateral and website isn’t top notch to help them do their job.

At Search, for instance, we make sure that our website accurately reflects our culture, service and the opportunities we offer to our clients and candidates. This makes life easier for our recruiters. Our brand is so well known and received, our recruiters have a much easier job placing candidates in great roles.

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