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By James Cannon

For over two decades, Australia has consistently been the top destination of choice for long-term migrants. In fact, there is currently an average of more than 30,000 British expats immigrating every year. Given the country’s booming engineering and construction sectors, there is certainly no shortage of opportunities with the oil, gas and power, mining, building and infrastructure markets.

In this blog, I provide an overview of Australia’s investment towards key infrastructure projects which have lead to an increased demand for skills.

So what's happening across Australia?

Australia’s engineering sector continues to underpin the strength of the local economy with significant projects such as the Inland Railway and Western Sydney Airport bolstering growth within the industry. The large scale of infrastructure projects is set to create a substantial number of engineering jobs, and represents the largest infrastructure spending in 30 years.

According to recent data from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the Government spent nearly A$100 billion on infrastructure in the current financial year alone. This figure will continue to rise over the next five years. The infrastructure boom has unsurprisingly led to a rise in employment opportunities, with over 273,000 jobs across the country.

Australia's construction sector is a driving force of the industry, and contributes roughly 8 percent to the country’s GDP. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that the population will double by 2075 from the current 23 million residents to 46 million. As the demographic growth rate is one of the factors that positively affects development of the civil engineering and large-scale works sector, the individual state governments and the federal government have confirmed they will support the vigorous development of infrastructure with the dual aim of bolstering the economy.

Why you should consider an Engineering Career in Australia

Australia undoubtedly remains the one of the most popular destinations among people who wish to move and work abroad. The country’s allure can likely be attributed to its bright and sunny weather, a common language or the promise of a barbeque on Christmas day.

From a career perspective, engineers can expect to benefit from the sheer volume of infrastructure projects which have opened up exciting and long-term employment opportunities. Furthermore, Australia is currently experiencing a widespread shortage of talent, and while there have been calls to upskill the existing population in order to meet the demand, international and qualified engineers are still vital to narrowing Australia’s engineering skills shortage gap.

According to a recent report titled, Labour Market Research – Engineering Professions, the proportion of vacancies filled dropped from 78 percent in 2014, to 69 percent in 2017. Although employers attracted large numbers of applicants – an average of 40 applications per vacancy, only 28 were qualified enough for the jobs.

In addition to boasting a high quality of life, Australia’s population is also very multicultural. One of the great things about Australians is their relaxed attitude to just about everything, and expats are welcomed into local communities and workplaces with ease.

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