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The Evolution of HR

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If you think that HR is all about form filing, box ticking and seat filling, think again. It’s undergoing a major reconstruction and now’s the time to build your career in the sector.

Employee experience

Its primary focus will still be on employee experience. More and more people are looking to swap remuneration for work-life flexibility and the right cultural fit. Just splashing the cash will no longer ensure the best talent. Internal branding and the right employee propositions will play a major role. Staff want to be engaged and a weekly newsletter about cakes on the second floor won’t cut the mustard.

Employer branding

HR, whilst once considered to be an entirely different function to sales and marketing, will have to emulate many of its strategies as it is forced to consider its target employee market and the correct way to attract specific segments of workers to attain the skills required skills to optimise its work force.

Many STEM businesses are currently fighting this battle in their bid to attract more women into the industry. Their recruitment strategy will fail if they don’t approach it with the focus of an efficient marketing plan

We should see a HR version of account-based marketing, in which HR have a very specific profile to attract and proactively build recruitment campaigns specifically around that. Working with recruiters will become a solid partnership and it will become far harder to see where inhouse HR ends and the recruiter begins.

Recruiters will be chosen on their willingness to deep dive into the business and fully understand the culture, core values and business goals, rather than just being given a job spec.

The return of the specialist

As HR professionals have to emulate the skills typically seen in other departments, it will make sense to specialise in certain areas. Talent acquisition, employee engagement, future skills profiling, skills development and HR technology will feature heavily.

As skills gaps widen, these specialists will work strategically to the business’s long-term plan to establish the future skills required to get in there before competitors to secure the leaders of tomorrow.

Uniting a mobile workforce

Cloud and unified communications will allow greater employee mobility with more remote workers and a diverse workforce. How to analyse performance and engage staff to ensure that the pros of remote working don’t transition into isolation will have to be carefully considered. Perhaps another specialism will be the managing of remote staff.

Optics for measuring HR’s success will also be prioritised, making HR even more accountable for reaching business goals. It’s the people which make the business after all, and it’s HR who make the people.

Fancy a career in HR?

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