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Search Consultancy has been working with Siemens for 14 years, supplying Meter Fitting Engineer services over the past 18 months. In a move to gain further insight into the industry, and provide a better recruitment service to dual fuel engineer candidates, search energy consultants Nicola Gildart and Ellie Finnegan spent one day being shown the tricks of the trade by Search and Siemens training partners at Utilities Academy, The UK's leading independent dual fuel smart metering training facility.

Both were given the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineer, getting hands-on training in the installation of electric and gas meters, and soldering pipework.

Nicola said: ‘We decided to attend this day of training simply to gain a real understanding of, and appreciation for what both our employed and job-seeking candidates actually do on a day-to-day basis. We interview anywhere between 20 to 25 people per week in order to hit the number required for our contract with Siemens, so we wanted to be in a position where we could speak on a more technical level to the candidates that we converse with.”

Their training involved a series of smart meter installation simulation exercises, whereby our consultants had to pull up their sleeves and rise up to the variety of scenarios that arise in a Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineer’s day.

“They had electric meters on the VF plaster boards and a little room designed as the front room of an actual house, with meters behind a LCD TV, so it was very interesting to learn how to move all the components around without causing any damage. They also showed us how to test and install electric meters near water, which definitely opened our eyes to some of the precautionary measures behind a process that we all too often take for granted,” said Ellie.

The day at Utilities Academy was just one of many consultant training events facilitated by Search, as we strive to educate and empower our consultants to be true industry experts who provide a comprehensive and specialised service to both our clients and candidates.

“The training was very valuable to us. We can now demonstrate to our candidates and clients that we have a vested interest in what they do on a daily basis, and the process that goes into installing Smart Meters,” said Nicola. Ellie, agreed, adding, “Getting a better understanding of what has historically been perceived as ‘A man’s profession’ will prove to our market that we are more than just the ‘Girls of the office’, and that we have sound knowledge of the industry, and are better able to respond to queries from candidates on a technical level.”

Nicola and Ellie have since spent time in the field shadowing Siemens Team Managers. Over the next 12 months, Search’s energy recruitment team will be taking on circa 200 apprentices to train under a Trailblazer scheme to rapidly grow the workforce of Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineers for Siemens. For further information on dual fuel engineers jobs in your area, please email charlie.doyle@search.co.uk or call Ellie on 0161 835 8650.