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Business owners and managers often find themselves wondering just how to attract the best working talent to a small company in a jobs market when recruiting alongside some of the larger businesses in their sectors is extremely tough. It’s true that it can at times be a struggle when an established brand can woo potential employees into their ranks with a larger salary than a small business can afford. There are, however, areas where the small company can really shine and show that they are more worthy of working for than larger businesses.

These five steps can help your business on the road to finding and recruiting the very best talent.

1. Write an Attractive Job Advertisement

Getting your business out there as the best place to work can be all about establishing your company’s culture in a brilliant job advertisement. Potential employees can be swayed by the knowledge that they will make a real difference in your company. Larger companies can at times have a more impersonal feel and employees may feel disposable. As a smaller business, you can outline what your employees do for you, who they are, and what your future employee will do. Talk about the values you and your business have, the friendly atmosphere in the workplace, and make your business shine as one that is a great place to work.

2. Outline your Company Benefits

This can be key factor in attracting great talent to your business. Larger businesses often have the larger picture of the business in mind and can falter when it comes to offering benefits to the individual worker. As a smaller business, you will be more in touch with your employees on a personal level, getting to know each member of your team well as you work together. Understanding personal requirements – and offering benefits that can appeal to them – is a great way to make your employees feel they are being understood and valued by you. These benefits can be as diverse as you want them to be: potential to work from home some days, company social events, casual clothes day, bonuses, anything your staff would appreciate! Reward your staff for their hard work and they will reward you in return.

3. Offer Promotions and Progression

The chance for promotion is always attractive to any professional. When trying to attract talent away from larger companies this can be a great opportunity to show that you are willing to help them grow and that you value them and their talents. A company that shows care for its employees, offers great benefits, and gives a chance to take on more competent roles is more attractive than a company which offers a fixed position and no potential for a promotion. Be the company that values its employee contributions and rewards them.

4. Give Opportunities for Training

Providing training for new members of staff is also a bonus. Sometimes the best talent is just waiting to be found in another sector, and there are many who are waiting to work in your sector who need a helping hand getting there with skills training. Training opportunities give your employees a sense of dedication from you about their development. Allow them to learn about you and your business, teach them the skills they require, and you will help to create a valued employee and demonstrate your commitment to them.

5. Promote your Business

Allowing the business’s values and good name to get out into the public is a great way to promote your business as somewhere that is a great place to work. Treating your employees well can allow them to put the good name of your business out there and attract potential candidates. (In fact, current employees referring others to your business can bring you people that they believe are a great fit both in skills and personality for you, which can often be the case!)

The best ways to promote your business, however, are through a local recruitment agency and the development of an advertising strategy.  Work on establishing your name in the local community as a reliable and friendly business with good values. Working alongside a local Search recruitment agency can provide you with the assistance you need to establish your name in the jobs market and bring you the best talent available.

Follow these steps and you are on the road to building a workforce full of the best talent! Contact Us today at Search to discuss your recruitment options in any of our 13 recruitment agencies. We look forward to hearing from you.