Millennials in Recruitment

Research shows that millennials represent a generation that is not only innovative and professionally ambitious, but also intuitive and empathetic with the ability to establish significant relationships both in the office and externally. Rather than being the coddled, entitled and lazy individuals that some perceive them to be, Generation Y brings a wave of fresh strengths, perspectives and qualities to any business.

We take a look at how millennials add value to the recruitment industry, and what business leaders can do to facilitate their desire to progress at a professional level!

How Millennials add value to the Recruitment industry

While millennials are often stereotyped as narcissistic and entitled, the reality is that their continuous pursuit for validation actually drives them to perform at an optimal level. Millennials like to feel as though they are valued amongst their peers, and this trait not only makes them active team players, but also keenly attuned to the needs of consumers. These are all characteristics that make for excellent recruitment consultants.

Below are just a few ways that millennials add value to the recruitment industry:

1. Tech savvy and creative

There is undoubtedly an ever-increasing demand for recruiters who can efficiently and accurately attract and retain talent. This means that being a tech-savvy recruiter is fast becoming a prerequisite for any good consultant’s CV.

While our digital age may have bred a generation with an insatiable appetite for instant gratification, it has also resulted in tech savvy individuals who are able to drive service innovation across all sectors including recruitment. Whether they’re posting about a meal, a holiday or a new outfit on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, Millennials know how to brand themselves, and communicate to a wider audience through the use of social media and other digital communication platforms or apps. When applied to recruitment, the instinctual tendencies of these ‘digital natives’ could prove to be a valuable asset in the world of recruitment.

Investing in the generation of tech-savvy recruiters could also be a very wise decision for employers as they don’t necessarily need an extensive background in recruiting. Simply having an understanding of technology, a sales-oriented mind set, and the right training is all that is required to produce super stars in the industry. To the generation of recruiters who live and breathe technology, it is every bit as intuitive as changing clothing.

2. Emotionally intelligent and communicative

According to Cognitive Neuroscientist and Business Psychologist, Lynda Shaw, millennials have a high level of emotional intelligence in the workplace. She maintains that they have a high capacity to empathise with the people they interact with, saying, “They are observant, responsive and react accordingly.” These traits, when utilised in a discerning and empathetic manner are essential to helping recruiters establish relationships with candidates and clients.

3. Desire to continuously grow and develop on a professional level

A widely spread misconception about millennials is that they are entitled, without feeling as though they have to earn anything. While this may be the case with some individuals, it is certainly not the true for the entire generation. One trait which may present itself as a challenge is that millennials are easily bored, and studies show that members of Gen Y tend to move between careers or opt for self employment in order to continue challenging themselves, whilst also maintaining work to life balance.

However, there are great opportunities that can arise from the challenge. Because many in the Gen Y bracket refuse to stagnate, as they obsessively crave professional and personal satisfaction, leaders can encourage them to enhance their professional growth through increased skills training, workshops and other avenues for continuous learning.


What Generation Y wants!

We’ve examined the potential for greatness in millennial recruiters, but it’s important to note that they will not manifest their strengths unless they are mentored and have their needs nurtured. Below are some of the values that appeal to recruiters from the Gen Y bracket.

1. Good technological resources

Just like how millennials in the job market want to interact with recruitment firms in the way that caters to their busy lifestyles, they also understand the need to provide an efficient service to candidates. A recent survey by BT shows that two thirds of respondents from the Gen Y are frustrated with the technology available to them at work. This is because most business technology wasn’t built for the way millennials expect to work. Continuing to rely on the same old IT will exacerbate problems and risk long-term issues with employee productivity and satisfaction.

Millennial recruiters understand the need for intuitive recruitment solutions, so senior leadership within organisations need to adapt to the evolution of technology in order to meet the demands of not only the candidates they target, but also the new generation of tech savvy recruiters within their organisations.

2. Emotionally intelligent leadership, mentorship and collaboration

Lynda suggests that the increased emotional intelligence of millennials means that in order to be managed effectively they need to be led in a different way to previous generations. “If you have somebody who is good at reading people, can respond accordingly, and who is interested in their emotional wellbeing, they will be more effective when compared to the style of manager who doesn’t ‘do’ emotion in business. Individuals from Generation Y would feel stifled under that archaic style of management.

3. Freedom to claim ownership and responsibility

Millennials are a true entrepreneur generation. It’s human nature to want to settle into a routine, but Millennials realise how quickly they can gain new skills by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and throwing themselves in the deep end.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that they should be left to their own devices without communication or guidance. Leaders have the responsibility to articulate their vision and goals to their teams, yet encourage individuals to essentially manage their own responsibilities whilst maintaining an open and unrestricted line of communication between both parties. Because a millennial craves validation, your trust in their ability to perform their projects well will motivate them to continue raising the bar and setting an example with their strengths, thus proving themselves to be a valuable asset to the team.

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