5 interpersonal skills that recruiters love to see

A happy candidate after showing off great interpersonal skills to recruiters

When it comes to career success, your interpersonal skills are just as important as your technical abilities. Showing off a higher emotional intelligence can assure recruiters that you can fit into working environments and separate you from the crowd even more than your career achievements.

With this in mind, here are five of the most important interpersonal skills you need to show to your recruitment consultant. 



The world of work is evolving at a faster rate than ever, and employers are actively looking for people who can show initiative and self-reliance.

Almost every recruiter loves candidates who show a willingness to learn new techniques and technologies as it demonstrates a potential ability to suggest methods of increasing the efficiency of an organisation's processes once they are hired.



An upbeat attitude is infectious and will make you a pleasure to be around. A dynamic office environment depends on positive morale. Showing you can naturally bring this mindset to work every morning could make the crucial difference between you and an equally matched but sullen candidate.

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Being open to feedback and a willingness to listen can help you develop both personally and professionally. But in order to take on board feedback, you must first listen to it and then respond sensibly and enthusiastically. You don’t even need to think about your response; just listening to what is being said and maintaining a positive body language would be enough for most consultants and managers to positively judge your character.

If recruiters can spot this either in your CV or in an interview, you have shown that you are a fully engaged worker who won’t purely focus on their individual agendas and interests.


Relationship Management

Building effective business relationships is one thing but managing them is something entirely different. Whether you are at a junior or management level of seniority, at every business you will be expected to manage interpersonal relationships with colleagues and clients alike to some extent or another.

Even managing your relationship with a recruiter - if success doesn’t come immediately - will be a key factor in how a recruiter views you.


Self Confidence

Showing self confidence to a recruiter will immediately improve the way they perceive you and your ability to complete the job a client has set out. Your ideas and opinions will be taken more seriously and will add or ratify credence to your skills shown on your CV.

Assurance and clarity of thinking also establishes that you can deal with challenging situations more effectively and allowing you more time to set and reach new goals.

Don’t confuse self-confidence with arrogance though! Displaying too much of the latter conveys to the recruiter that the company or agency you are interviewing with is beneath you and will abandon ship as soon as another opportunity presents itself.


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