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The digital age is upon us, and many industries across the board require their workforce to possess a range of skills to propel their businesses into the future. With recent research highlighting the need to broaden the base of digital competency in the UK, we walk you through three of the basic digital skill sets you need to boost your career in today’s business world!

Digital transformation is not the end, but the beginning of your career!

Digitalisation across the globe is changing the way that employers think about their future staff and how they recruit. As technology continues to impact the workplace at an accelerating rate, business professionals, regardless of their industry, must keep pace, adapt and expand their existing skill set to be considered a valuable employee.

Mike Davidson, Commercial Director of the Digital Skills Academy says, “Digital empowerment is not just about up-skilling specific specialist areas. It is also about building an awareness of how these specialist skills engage with, support and synergise with all the other dimensions of digital, and how they are applied in the real-world business context, and not just within the halls of academia.”

Below are three of the most sought after skills you need to adapt to the digital age!

1. Researching and Evaluating Information

Skills: Search skills, Word processing skills, Spreadsheet skills

Data is now at the forefront of every business strategy. But it’s not enough to simply have loads of data if you cannot pinpoint where the value of the data is, and how it can be used to provide the best service to your customers and ultimately profit the business you represent. You need to adequately evaluate information and find the story that will give you insight on how your business offerings can improve and meet the needs of your colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

2. Communicating and Collaborating

Skills: Communication rules and norms, Social media skills and etiquette, Online collaboration skills

Gone are the days when customer service was administered solely via a phone call or face-to-face interaction. In recent years, ‘digital natives’ with their need for efficiency and convenience have begun to dominate the consumer base of many companies, and the vast majority of them will direct their queries or complaints via Twitter or Facebook. For this reason, it is imperative that you have the ability to adequately engage with customers via social media, and solve whatever queries or problems they may have.

3. Knowledge and attitude

Skills: Digital savvy, Approach to new technologies, Ability to address skills gaps

Overall, a strong relationship with all things digital is essential for your career success! Employers today aren’t looking for candidates that just ‘do well’ with sudden change – they want to build a team made up of creative individuals who welcome it and, even more so, anticipate it, drive it and relish it. The ability to continuously revaluate areas for your professional improvement and proactively take action towards developing yourself, will ensure that you remain ahead of the curb despite any waves of digital disruption.

As the professional landscape continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, individuals who model their versatility, invest in their ongoing development and nurture their networks will have a competitive advantage in the digital economy.

Stay tuned for more insight on how you can develop your skills to thrive in the digital age!


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