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We often hear the horror story of the candidate who seems perfect up front, but decides to bail out on the final interview, or worse still, the first day on the job. Alternatively, many recruiters make the mistake of rushing the screening process, and this results in the job offers being declined and ultimately, a waste of precious time. In this blog, we show you some steps to take to ensure that you get your candidates to accept the offers that you work hard to secure for them. 

1. Promote career growth over compensation

Recent statistics show that the workforce of today is increasingly prioritising career development and growth over salary. It is no longer enough to receive a fat pay check each month if your job makes you miserable, so many candidates want a clear picture of what a job entails before they pursue it. Be proactive by providing this information right at the beginning of the process in order to gauge what their response is and how interested they are in the position.

2. Address any concerns from the onset

Candidates may often have concerns about other aspects of the job that don’t include pay. These range from company culture, the hiring manager’s style, the benefits plan and the working conditions. You can test the validity of the concern by asking if it can be properly addressed, would the person be open to consider the opportunity? If the candidate doesn’t agree, there’s something else of concern. As a recruiter you must find out what it is before moving forward.

3. Find out why the candidate is seeking a new opportunity

Although your candidate may eagerly accept your offer, there will still be the possibility of them accepting a counter offer from their current employer. In order to minimise this risk, it is crucial to lay the ground work in the early stages of the screening process by asking the right questions in order to determine what their motivations are for leaving their current role. Be sure to unravel what it is they specifically don't like about their job, and why they have been driven to seek new opportunities. Take note of their responses, as this will be a strong negotiating tool should they consider a counter offer later on down the line.

4. Use the 1-10 test of interest

In the early stages, ask your candidate to rank their other opportunities against yours on a 1-10 scale. Hopefully the person will say it’s an 8 or 9 and of serious interest. If so, ask them what they would need to know or have in order for them to rank your opportunity as number 1!

5. Test the start day

Before you make an offer, ask your candidate if they would be willing to start at a specific date, and listen carefully to the answer and explanation they give. If their response is comprehensive, providing clear details as to why they can or cannot start on the specified date, then it’s easy to determine that they are invested in securing the role. If they seem vague and unsure, then it may be best to hold off making an offer.

6. Play hardball

Good recruiters know that they need to do everything within their power to ensure 100% commitment from their candidates before convincing their clients to make an offer. However, many candidates (and especially the good ones) will often be faced with some hard choices which may include a counter offer from their current employer. For this reason, it is vitally important to be as communicative and hands on as possible, making it abundantly clear to your candidate that you need complete certainty from them before making an offer, or negotiating salary adjustments with their future employer.

7. Ensure the deal remains sealed by continuously engaging your candidate

A few days after the offer is accepted, have the hiring manager meet with the candidate to discuss an important business issue related to the job or arrange another visit to their new office. This will allow the candidate to instantly become engaged in the new job and it gives the company a chance to ensure the process is running smoothly. Keeping in touch with them between accepting an offer and their start date to ensure no other job offers land on their table. 

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