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As we gear up to commemorate 30 years in recruitment, we at Search celebrate our exceptional people who have dedicated their expertise towards ensuring our success in the industry. As proud investors in people, we truly believe that the professionalism, attitude and passion of our staff has empowered us to continuously provide a great service to everyone we work with.

We catch up with Search’s longest-serving staff member - Jane Robb, Payroll & Invoicing Solutions Manager, to get the low down on what it was like to work at Search back in the day, and how it’s progressed over the years.

The early days

After initially starting out as a small boutique agency in Glasgow in 1987, Search Consultancy soon expanded their arm by launching additional offices in Edinburgh in 1988, and Dunfermline in 1990. Jane Robb joined Search three years later in 1993.

 She recalls the day she first walked through Search’s doors in Glasgow, saying, “When I had my interview, Search was a small recruitment company with only 300 temps. The finance manager spoke at length about plans for the business and the potential for me as an individual to grow within what would hopefully become a nationally-acclaimed recruitment firm.”

Jane rose to the challenge, and accepted the offer to join Search as an administrator. “While there is always a risk in joining a small business, there are also opportunities, and this one in particular really excited me! It was a complete change to my previous role, and I’m pleased to say that 24 years down the line, the business still inspires me.” She has since progressed to her current role as Payroll & Invoicing Solutions Manager

How Search has developed over the years

Recruitment has certainly changed over the years, and Jane notes how Search has grown and adapted to how developing legislation has impacted the industry.

“Over 20 years ago, recruitment was as simple as placing a temp, paying them and billing the client. Now we have to consider compliance, AWR, holiday legislation, Medical VAT, CIS, Pensions and many other regulations,” she says. Jane also acknowledges how Central Services has evolved over the years, saying, “I only need to look at Central Services to see a huge difference now in comparison to 24 years ago. Back in the day, Central Services merely consisted of a handful of people, which meant a great deal of paperwork and work rounds back then.”

Jane maintains that one of the biggest challenges she’s encountered since joining Search was adapting to emerging technologies and retro-fitting process and workflow systems into the business. “We’ve overcome many hurdles since I joined Search, but one of our most challenging endeavours (at least for me personally) was Project Pelican. This was where I, alongside our Business Solutions Director, Mandy Bell installed new front to back end systems.”

“Online timesheets has been another area in which we have managed to make substantial headway. We are still working on this project but now at the advanced development stages of it, thank goodness!”

Looking ahead

Jane maintains that her career experience within Search has been both positive and fulfilling! “Being a part of Search has been an absolute pleasure! I have many fond memories of my time here and hopefully will have many more.”

Furthermore, she eagerly anticipates what’s on the horizon for Search and its ambitious plans for growth, saying, “Given the recent changes and developments in the business, I am excited about what the future holds for Search, as well as myself!”

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