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Seasoned recruiters will agree that passive candidates often prove themselves to be quality candidates. This is particularly true when these individuals are employed in a role elsewhere, which makes them all the more appealing to hiring managers.

Although passive candidates may seem content in their current role, the reality is that they are often the best candidates to target simply because they will have considered your listing by choice rather than necessity. In this blog, we show you how to interact with passive candidates and get them to choose your role. 

1. Get social online

To stand out and appeal to candidates, it’s imperative that you’re making the best use of your social platforms. Social media offers numerous opportunities to network, whilst also allowing you to distribute the content you create on a wider scale. A substantial 75 percent of LinkedIn users are employed, which makes the platform an ideal hunting ground when searching for candidates. However, more and more companies are investing in Facebook recruiting as it has the largest base of passive candidates globally. Twitter is a fantastic way to recruit and engage with your passive talent pool. Using specific hashtags you can organise and search for specific communities. Be creative, and aim to share engaging content rather than just post about jobs that will disengage passive candidates.

2. Host live events

From an employer’s perspective, connecting in real life can be one of the most effective ways to engage with passive candidates. By hosting an open house or an online networking event, you can invite top talent to get to know you, the culture of your organisation, colleagues and the overall vibe in a more casual setting.

3. Focus on SEO in job postings

There are over 226 million job searches on Google alone each month. The more potential candidates that view your job, the greater your chance is of securing high calibre candidates. SEO is a key factor that will help your job advertisements move higher up the search rankings. An important part of SEO is using keywords. These consist of using positive and negative keywords. Try not to use typical clichés, and buzzwords. Use an important resource like Keyword Tool to assist in showing you the search rankings related to your keywords. If SEO is something that you’ve never tried before, then take a look this beginners guide. SEO is one aspect of getting your job posting noticed. Another important factor to take into account is writing effective copy that appeals to the passive candidate.

4. Set the company apart as the place to work

Employer branding is essential when it comes to targeting and attracting passive candidates. However, you first need to find out what your ideal recruits are looking for in a company and make a point of portraying those desirable qualities in your communications and PR. You need to go beyond the job spec to pick out the key features of the role that make it stand out. Focus on the opportunities for challenges and career progression rather than mundane lists of duties and responsibilities

5. Wait for the right moment

It can be frustrating to connect with the ideal candidates for a position only to find they are not quite ready to change jobs, or that they are in the middle of their dissertation. However, do not throw in the towel just yet. Keep these people on an active list, and connect with them regularly to get updates on their situation. Sometimes, it is just a matter of timing. If you are still around by the time they are ready for you, then you will be on the top of their list as well. Better yet, cultivate relationships with qualified candidates before openings occur, so you have a bank to draw from when the need arises. It may be months, or even years down the road, but when the time comes, you will be ready.


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