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Although we currently live in a candidate-driven market, attempting to land your dream job as a fresh graduate can be both daunting and challenging. In part 2 of our Graduate Job-Hunting series, we take a look at 4 steps you should take to charge into the UK’s job market after graduation!

4 Steps to Marketing yourself as a Graduate

There is undoubtedly a strong competition for the best jobs out there, but by following the steps below, you will ultimately stand out to potential employers:

1. Do your research and use your initiative

Many graduates make the mistake of relying on their qualifications alone to land them a job at their company of choice. But in a competitive business environment this is simply not enough. One way to really turn the heads of employers is to demonstrate that you have a vested interest in their company - its culture, values and mission. Whether it's for an application or when you're through to the interview stage, knowing your stuff is sure to increase your chance of being noticed and considered by employers. Not only this, but after spending a good hour or so reading up on a company, the work they do and the role you're applying for, your covering letter will be much easier to tailor, and is way more likely to impress.

2. Make sure the job is right for you

In the initial desperation to earn an income, it can be all too tempting to apply to as many job opportunities as possible, even if you're not remotely interested in the role or the company. However, given that you spend approximately 80 percent of your life at work, it’s important to do your research and sign up to a role that you can see yourself doing and eventually enjoying. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn't be open to jobs that are unrelated to your degree, as these can enhance your skills whilst helping you to grow and develop professionally.

3. Don't overlook start-ups or small businesses

Start-ups or small businesses are often an overlooked and sadly missed opportunity. Whilst it's fantastic if you do land yourself a great grad scheme at a glamourous and well-known organisation, often the competition for entry level jobs at smaller companies is lower because it's not the first option graduates think of. The experience you can get working hands-on in a start-up environment is also invaluable, and you could even find yourself with far more responsibility than you would do at a larger company. There is also the opportunity to progress to higher level positions at a faster pace.

4. Keep up the momentum with perseverance

The transition from university life to the fast-paced and highly competitive hunting ground of the job market can be a shock to the system, and many who underestimate the challenges involved with obtaining employment often find themselves becoming despondent when their grand expectations fail to materialise straightaway. Real talk, your dream job won't fall on your lap overnight! It takes patience and perseverance to get your career started, so it's important to stay focused and busy, leaving no time for self doubt. Through persistently keeping up the momentum of your job search, you can at least rest assured that you are directing your efforts towards achieving your goal!

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