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Because we understand that being on the road during Christmas isn’t exactly the most desired pastime during the holiday season, at Search we have put together our top ten singles to add to your Christmas playlist! These tunes are sure to get you singing along as you drive through the winter night. Whether you’re a rockstar, pop prince(ss) or religiously devoted to reggae, we have the perfect tune just for you this Christmas!

1. All I want for Christmas

There is just something about Mariah’s angelic voice that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. This track never gets old, and is sure to have you exercising your vocal cords as you race through the night to see your loved ones this Christmas. So turn up the volume, fill your heart with the euphoria that love brings and sing with all your heart!

Tune in here!

2. White Christmas - Bob Marley

If you’re all about the chilled life as you cruise the open road, then this reggae rendition of the original classic hit, ‘White Christmas’ is sure to get you into the zone. The melodies truly elevate the soul in a way that only Bob Marley can, and is sure to lift your spirits during long winter nights.

Tune in here!

3. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

If you have a taste for the crackling sound of retro, vinyl tracks, then this song is perfect for you. Unlike some of the other tracks on this list, this one is the original, and is the perfect blend of quiet hope amidst the melancholy heartache that sometimes hits somewhat lonely soulds during this time of year. Songwriters Hugh Martin and Ralph Blaine wrote the classic song for Judy Garland's 1944 movie, ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’.

Tune in here!

4. Little St Nick

Although this track was released at the wake of a worldwide tragedy, hitting shelves right after JFK was assassinated, The Beach Boys' original holiday song ‘Little Saint Nick’ still managed to be a hit. The lyrics, such as in the verse below, are truly suited to those of us who like to drive fast on the open road:

‘Haulin' through the snow at a frightening speed

With a half a dozen deer with Rudy to lead

He's got to wear his goggles cause the snow really flies

And he's cruisin' every path with a little surprise.’

If you're driving on the fast lane this Christmas, let this tune alleviate your need for speed!

Tune in here!

5. Christmas Tree - Lady Gaga

This track brings us back to the early days of Lady Gaga’s booming career as a Pop icon! It’s an upbeat fusion of hip hop and pop, and one cannot help but shake their shoulders to the beat. It certainly puts the ‘Naughty’ into Christmas in a way that is both quirky and fun, making this tune a refreshing change from traditional norms. If you’re a pop prince(ss) with a flare for the original, than crack up the volume on this one!

Tune in here!

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