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It was hailed as the most “complete smartphone ever made” but just two months after it’s release, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been consigned to the technological graveyard.

Just over 100 cases of the Note 7’s batteries exploding were reported across the globe and after two separate recalls were announced, the electronics giant was forced to discontinue the range of ‘phablets’ last month.

If you still own a Note 7, you must act now! Here are the top four actions you must take to make the best of a calamitous and dangerous situation.


1. Switch it off!

The Note 7’s battery catches fire when it experiences persistent usage or when it’s charging! The longer it’s on, the longer you are exposing yourself to potentially serious injuries, catastrophic property damage and massive expenses.

Samsung have since released a software update for those still using the smartphone that limits the charging capacity to just 60% in order to reduce the risks of overheating.

This is not a resolution to the problem and is only a temporary solution until the phone has been permanently recalled. You should only use your device when absolutely necessary and/or have no other option.


2. Back up your data

If you have already migrated all of your data and content over to the Note 7, you will need to back it up as soon as possible.

There are two ways you can do this through the Smart Switch app, either a SD card or via Wi-Fi and the Cloud. Both options are located in your settings under ‘Cloud and Accounts’.

If you are using a card, select more options in top right corner and then ‘Transfer via external storage.’ This will present all of your data currently stored on the Note 7 so simply select how much you want to back up. If you are using the Cloud, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal and turn on your sync settings to bring up your data.

Please be aware the amount of time a back up will take depends on how much content you are saving. If you are using the SD card method, the process could only take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, however backing up to the Samsung Cloud could take a considerable amount of time depending on network connection speeds.

Given the dangers prolonged, constant usage can cause on this phone, ensure you minimise the amount of time your back up will take and switch your Note 7 back off once you are finished.


3. Wait for a replacement

With their newest model now discontinued, Samsung have rightfully offered all users the opportunity to replace the Note 7 with one of their other products. The Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge are all available with a refund automatically given out to cover any excess costs.

Consumers will have to contact the store or mobile network where they originally purchased their Note 7 to activate their replacement or contact 0330 726 7467 if you have bought directly through Samsung.

Samsung also revealed that South Korean customers would receive a 50% discount on the upcoming Note 8 or Galaxy S8 if they provide receipts of their ill-feted Note 7 purchase. It is unknown whether this will be offered to customers in the UK.


4. Order a refund

Although there is no indication that the technical mishaps that forever doomed the Note 7 to technological infamy affect existing Samsung products, the damage has already been done.

A full refund is also available through Samsung and with consumer confidence in the brand at its lowest ebb, this option is proving to be more popular than the South Korean colossus expected.

Many ‘casual’ customers have lost faith in the engineering of one of the biggest names in the sector. It is expected the shortfall in sales Samsung will endure will cost them £2.5 trillion worldwide in the crucial winter boom period.

Unfortunately at this stage Samsung are not offering full compensation for any property damage caused by any their exploding phablets. Don’t let this happen to you and limit your risks as much as possible.


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