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Many people make the mistake of thinking that call centre work is simply a means to earning some quick cash. Furthermore, they rather miss the point that it is in fact the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. Not only are these needed in a contact centre, but they can also be utilised in a wide range of different career roles, thus adding significant experience to your CV and broadening your long-term career prospects. We take a look at the skills you can develop at a call centre, and how these could be used to enhance your career.

1. How to communicate

The ability to negotiate and articulate ideas, product information, project instructions or a business proposal to your peers, managers or clients is a highly sought after skill in the world of business. Showcasing this quality in an interview is sure to increase your chances of getting the job you seek. If you need time to polish your inner gift-of-the-gab to increase your confidence in your communication capabilities, working at a call centre would be an ideal opportunity for you to do so. Because you require the ability to explain products and services in a way that is easy for a diverse clientele to understand, you will ultimately enhance your communication skills.

2. How to handle people

Speaking to people from all walks of life comes with the call centre job description. Not only will you enjoy pleasant interactions with polite callers, but you will also learn how to handle people at their worst. “Working in call centre teaches you how to calm people down or build confidence in others. Ultimately you learn to empathise and problem-solve from the others person’s perspective,” advises Carolyn Blunt, Managing Director at Real Results Training.

3. Tenacity and perseverance

“You have to have motivation to take or make those calls. Self discipline, personal resilience and time management are the characteristics which will make you stand out in this industry,” says Carolyn. Softies seldom get very far in any business. You need to have a thick-skin to be able to handle difficult clients or challenging deadlines that may seem overwhelming. Aiming for a target requires you to be competitive and determined, and this will drive you to overcome challenges and succeed at any task you set your mind to.

4. Flexibility and time management

Working at a call centre requires agents to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. They have to deal with challenging personalities over the phone, update their databases and possibly work reception at the same time. You can learn how to be flexible and manage your time working at a call centre, effectively streamlining your day to ensure that you complete the most complicated tasks first, followed by easier assignments. Flexibility and time management are key skills to have in the world of business.

5. Teamwork

Working in such close proximity with a diverse range of cultures, personalities and interests can motivate you to adapt and learn to work positively and efficiently within a team, lifting others up if they may be struggling with any particular task and contributing your own unique ideas towards the overall structure of a project. Businesses rely on teams to deliver profitable results, so learning to work well with others is crucial to your ability to demonstrate strong return on investment to future employers.

There is much more to working at a contact centre then simply picking up the phone and listening to complaints and queries day in and day out. If you’re an ambitious individual who is looking to broaden your career prospects, motivating yourself to develop and enhance these key skills will certainly go a long way in boosting your career progression.

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