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You have little or no work experience? Do not be discouraged. There are many jobs that do not require much previous work experience and offer numerous benefits. Whether you have just graduated and you are entering the job market for the first time, or you are looking for a different career Search can help you.

As a leading recruitment consultancy with 13 offices across UK we are well-equipped to offer a variety of job opportunities. With Search your new career is just a click away!


For many positions previous experience and higher education are not a requirement which makes them available to everyone looking for employment. Some of these will also offer on-the-job training which is a great way to gain new skills and even qualifications. So what are the most popular jobs that require little or no experience?

1. Delivery Driver

Many companies need a Delivery Driver and very often their only requirement is that you have a clean driver’s license. As a Delivery Driver you could work for a local, regional or national company and benefit from flexible scheduling. This makes these positions ideal as full time jobs or part time jobs. Getting a position as a Delivery Driver could also help you learn more about the company and potentially find another job once you have some experience.

2. Security Guard

Working as a security guard is much more diverse than most people expect. You could work as a secure cash transporter, as a protective sentry for an embassy, security in a local mall and many others. General requirement for this position is to have a high school diploma, but in some cases you might need to pass a drug test, have a clean criminal record or get a firearms license.

3. Bartender

Bartender is another profession that does not require formal education and is very popular among students and people looking for experience. In most cases you will receive on-the-job training before you start working and you will be expected to be a fast learner in order to grasp your responsibilities and to cope with the pressure.

4. HR Assistant

Some office jobs like an HR Assistant are also available to people with little or no experience. As a Human Resources assistant you will be keeping track of all information relating to the company’s employees and you will be supporting the HR manager in their other activities. This position often requires only a high school diploma, but customer service experience and secretarial skills could be beneficial in getting this job. This type of office jobs offer the opportunity for advancement and assistants can become managers after gaining some experience and receiving relevant training. 

5. Call Centre Agent

Call centre jobs are increasing in popularity especially among students, recent graduates and people with limited experience. Working as Call Centre Agent often requires only good communication skills and computer literacy and could have numerous benefits, including progression within the company.  

Gain Experience with Search

As a recruitment consultancy Search understands the difficulties people go through during their job search and the frustrations of not having enough experience. That is why we offer flexible opportunities for a variety of jobs that require little to no experience or qualifications. For a full list of available job opportunities, contact us today and our professional team will help you find the best job for your skills and experience or click the link below.