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It is that time of year again where we all do the same thing – set our New Year’s resolutions. The classic ‘New Year, New Me’ motto begins, inspired by common thoughts of losing weight, drinking less, giving up smoking and getting your dream job.

The problem with resolutions is, by the time the end of January arrives, most of us have given up on them. Here at Search Consultancy we will discuss the best ways not to fall into that trap, and help ensure you achieve your target of landing a new job.

The main reason for people giving up on their resolutions is that they lack structure. Goal setting is therefore a much better way at helping you achieve what you’re looking for. Rather than aiming for an over arching ‘resolution’ break it down into more manageable and achievable goals.

Pursue your dream job – The prospect of getting your dream job may be daunting at first and you may question whether it’s ‘realistic’ or ‘attainable’, however it is something to strive for. It may be unlikely that the next step in your career will land you in your dream job, but it’s a good starting point in getting you thinking about what you want to do. In order to achieve this you may need to assess your current situation, do you need to retrain or go back to education? Or do you need to start from the bottom and work up? Whatever it is set a goal of taking a first step towards achieving your dream job this year.

Revise your CV – Your CV is one of your fundamental and most important tools when looking for a new job. If you are planning on entering the job market this year take the time to revise and refresh your CV. Take a look at our previous blog How To Update Your CV, With Help From Santa for some more advice.

Increase your skills  - Similar to updating your CV, it is important to make sure you distinguish yourself from the crowd as you enter a very competitive job market.  Increasing your skill set, or learning new ones, is a great way to do this. Whether you learn it through a class, practical experience or even tips on YouTube, anything you can do to better your level of knowledge in your chosen field will help strengthen your application.

Make better use of social media – If you are serious about your job search then you need to get serious with social media. Not only are social media platforms a great tool for job seekers, they are also becoming an increasingly useful tool for employers and recruiters. More and more often recruiters and employers are using social media as part of the recruitment process, as it provides them with an insight into who you really are. The main rule of thumb regarding social media and job seeking is to keep it professional. Don’t display pictures of your wild night out, or go on crazy political rants, as these platforms are effectively public forums and open for employers to scrutinise your posts.

We will be covering the dos and don’ts of social media in more depth in a future post.

Keep up to date with your industry - A good way to impress employers, especially in the interview stages of the process, is to be knowledgeable about your industry. This will be more significant in some sectors than others, however it is a good idea to stay up to date on current trends and factors that may affect you or your potential place of work. You can do this by visiting industry related websites and publications, follow experts on social media or reading relevant blogs.

Networking - Again this can be more relevant to some sectors than others, but there is little point in being knowledgeable about the industry and having a strong social media presence if you don’t actually know anyone who works in it. The old mantra of ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is still the case in a lot of sectors, so attending networking events is a great way to meet industry professionals. However, don’t restrict yourself to just networking events, go to seminars, workshops, tradeshows not only are these a great place to meet the right people but it’s also another avenue to increase your knowledge and develop your skills.

What ever your next career move is in 2015 let Search Consultancy help! With 13 offices across the UK, specialising in 26 divisions and with exceptional consultants throughout we are the best people to help you work find your dream job.

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