Want to Unwrap a New Job this Christmas?

Lots of businesses carry out a yearly review in December to identify their strengths, weaknesses and areas where they can improve performance. 

It may be the case that companies identify the need for new workers or perhaps a new department entirely. When sales figures are taken into account, businesses may find they are exceeding expectations in some areas but underperforming in others. 

Of course, statistics are tracked all year round, but the end of the year is when businesses can start to make targets for the future and understand their growth potential. 

What does this mean for workers? More jobs! 

That’s right, while some companies will be reducing their workloads this year to prepare for the Christmas break, others will be making new plans for their future and opening up new vacancies. 

Often, these roles are created before the start of the new year, with interviews running until the Christmas period. 

With this in mind, now could be a fantastic time to start a job search and, hopefully, begin 2015 in a position with new aspirations and more potential. 

New year, new start?

It may be a cliche, but you could easily find a new job in time for the start of 2015. 

While you do not want to set it as a specific target - after all, you cannot guarantee a new role - you should make every effort to find vacancies and submit excellent applications.

The key thing to remember is that the best applications are not rushed. No matter how great you believe you are at writing, it will be obvious if you have spent ten minutes on your submission, especially when compared to well-considered, detailed pieces from other candidates. 

Finding spare time over Christmas 

Christmas is a hectic period for everyone as people try to cram in their shopping with their daily duties at work and a busy social life. 

With this in mind, it may seem tempting to let your job search take a backseat as you tick off all your other priorities and enjoy time with friends and family.

However, it is possible to combine a job search with your other Christmas activities; you just need to organise your time effectively. Make space every week to research vacancies, improve your portfolio and tweak your CV and cover letter. 

If you are struggling to find roles, sign up to recruitment agencies and use LinkedIN to spot potentially golden opportunities. Once you have found positions you are interested in, add them to a list and prioritise them by deadline and preference. 

This brings us onto our next key point. 

Keep an eye on deadlines

We’ve all been there. A fantastic new opportunity has popped up, you have written the application and are putting the final touches to your submission when you realise the deadline has actually passed!

By organising your different applications and keeping tabs on the deadlines, you will be able to maximise your opportunities and make sure you don't miss out on roles. 

Unfortunately, some jobs will close early. In these instances, you will just need to chalk it up to bad luck and search elsewhere for other positions. 

At this time of year, some deadlines may run into January or end before the start of the Christmas period, making it important for jobseekers to begin their search now to improve their chances of landing a role. 

You may find that you receive more attention at this time of year, as other candidates decide against continuing their job hunt because of a lack of spare time. 


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