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We’ve all been there: an excellent new job has come up and it’s in the local area. You meet all of the requirements and you’re smiling away as the application goes in. Then, you visit the website and the office is, seemingly, in the middle of nowhere. 

You scramble to your laptop to try to spot any feasible public transport options, only to find that the office is three miles from the closest bus stop. You work out the price of a monthly bus pass and the pay rise that, only a few minutes ago, seemed like a goldmine is now a tiny increase.

Even if the role is reachable, you need to consider the area - what will you do on your lunch break? Spending an hour on an industrial estate with nothing besides offices may not be what you want after years working in the middle of a bustling city centre. 

Looking to move away? Make sure you check living costs 

For those of us who are looking to relocate, there is much more to consider than the job itself. 

Often, areas offering the highest salaries come with bigger living costs. London is a prime example of this, with rental costs often reaching double the national average. When this is taken into account, a pay rise could actually leave you out of pocket at the end of the month. 

To ensure you do not waste your time on roles that are simply implausible, you should investigate the rental market close to your potential office and create a monthly budget. 

Even factors such as the cost of petrol, council tax, insurance and transport should all be considered. 

All these factors may seem too stressful for some, but there is much to gain from relocating. If you do the right research and learn about the area and job, you could rejuvenate your career. 

There is a lot to learn from moving to a new place. It could make you more independent, self-reliable and confident, but there is no need to rush into relocating until you are completely certain it is the right decision for you. 

Get by with a little help from your friends

Although money is important, you need to guarantee yourself a high quality of life wherever you are going and it’s always helpful to have friends nearby.

Some candidates are happy to explore a new area and make friends, while others prefer to be around those they are close to. Before considering which areas to live in, ask yourself: do I know anyone in the area? And, if not, will I be happy away from my close friends?

Moving to a new city is equal parts challenging and exciting, so make sure you have considered how a move would affect you emotionally before you agree to a move. 

What are the career options in the area?

When starting a new job, the last thing on a worker’s mind is moving to another new role, but it is important to check the career options in the area. 

It may be the case that the region is undergoing an economic boom, with many new jobs emerging in your chosen field, or the area may be weaker economically. Either way, this should be factored in to your job search as you never know when your next position could come along. 

If you are located near a number of cities, there could be the option to commute to another area to further your development and increase your employability. For example, if you are based in Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and York are all nearby.